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deVere Group scam

The deVere Group has lately been attacked by ‘gripe sites’ claiming clients are being victimised by a deVere Group scam. The world’s leading financial consultancy firm has however vowed to continue to fight back against what it calls ‘the misinformation contained on such sites’.

The gripe sites include — a site where people can post their complaints, and because people can remain anonymous, the latter can write whatever they want, including allegedly claiming they have been victims of a deVere Group scam.

Nigel Green, deVere Group’s CEO has affirmed how he intends to ‘fight back’ against these gripe sites since they are based on ‘unfounded allegations’ which can damage the name of the deVere group, adding that this is bad business practice and morally wrong’.

‘The blanket of anonymity’ makes it easier for anyone, including angry ex-employees to state unfounded claims such as there being a deVere Group scam since they know they will never be accused of being libellous.

Unlike other CEOs who declined to comment because they did not want to bring more damaging attention to their company, Nigel Green has spoken out to undermine any supposed truth about the deVere Group scam.

Moreover, the UK government is now taking steps to control these defamatory claims by forcing websites to identify people so that the latter will think twice before claiming something that has no truth to it.

These gripe sites could actually be of benefit to consumers if they were controlled and verified properly. Instead, they are simply mediums where angry people can accuse firms without any real proof and without any risk of being accused of defamation thus potentially hurting the reputation of the company.