18 Oct, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 25.00% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

18 Oct, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 24.80% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

17 Oct, 2017  
Major geopolitical fears fuel demand for multi-currency accounts

16 Oct, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 13.00% as UBS 5y Income Autocallable 3 Note Matures

16 Oct, 2017  
Monarch’s collapse is a red flag for pension savers

10 Oct, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 11.25% as Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Autocallable Income Note Matures

06 Oct, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 35.40% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures.

04 Oct, 2017  
deVere launches investment app as it further expands into fintech

03 Oct, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 31.65% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 2 Note Matures

02 Oct, 2017  
Aftermath of the Catalan chaos will be crucial for investors

25 Sep, 2017  
Breakthrough global e-money app adds another 22 currency wallets

20 Sep, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 40.00% as GS EM Autocallable 19 Note Matures

20 Sep, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 26.00% as GS US, Europe and HK Autocallable 30 Note Matures

31 Aug, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 31.50% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

31 Aug, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 30.30% as GS US, Europe and HK Autocallable 19 Note Matures

16 Aug, 2017  
deVere opens first ever office in Austria as it continues European expansion

11 Aug, 2017  
Tensions between N Korea and the US is a timely warning for investors

09 Aug, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 30.00% as GS Developed Markets Autocallable 14 Note Matures

03 Aug, 2017  
deVere re-opens offices in Madrid

02 Aug, 2017  
deVere wins Financial Advisory Firm of the Year at 2017 Business Excellence Awards

27 Jul, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 12.00% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 6 Note Matures

25 Jul, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 23.00% as Morgan Stanley Defensive Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

25 Jul, 2017  
What investors need to learn from Germany's stock market crash

25 Jul, 2017  
Scrapping SA expats’ tax exemption is unjust, discriminatory and regressive

24 Jul, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 29.70% as GS Developed Markets Autocallable 13 Note Matures

18 Jul, 2017  
Banks are failing their customers with 'scandalous' overseas charges

18 Jul, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 12.00% as UBS Income Autocallable 11 Note Matures

10 Jul, 2017  
deVere boss sells last STM shares to focus on fintech

06 Jul, 2017  
Eurozone equity rally remains on – but ECB set to change monetary policy's direction of travel

29 Jun, 2017  
deVere Group to offer ultra low-cost financial solutions

27 Jun, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 22.55% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

09 Jun, 2017  
Expect election-induced mayhem across financial markets, warns deVere CEO

06 Jun, 2017  
How will the financial markets react to the UK election result? Four different scenarios

05 Jun, 2017  
9 out of 10 Brits have unrealistic expectations of retirement costs

01 Jun, 2017  
Trump must abolish citizen-based taxation – one of the worst tax regimes in the world

30 May, 2017  
40,000+ downloads of e-money app deVere Vault by end of 2017

25 May, 2017  
deVere to “extensively develop” in Europe; James Green, new Head of the region

23 May, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 11.00% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 4 Note Matures

22 May, 2017  
President Trump is the single biggest threat to investors’ portfolios

18 May, 2017  
deVere clients to receive full capital back as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 EM Note Matures

11 May, 2017  
Uptick in mortgage enquiries despite stamp duty increase

09 May, 2017  
3.5m Brits living abroad vow never to return to the UK

09 May, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 12.00% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 5 Note Matures

03 May, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 14.00% as UBS US Europe HK Autocallable 1 Note Matures

18 Apr, 2017  
Mauritius to become southern hemisphere’s number one financial centre within a decade

10 Apr, 2017  
deVere Group to shake-up banking sector with e-money app: deVere Vault

05 Apr, 2017  
Mark Meadows and Rand Paul Letter to White House and Treasury is a “Landmark Moment,” Says deVere CEO

28 Mar, 2017  
deVere’s Nigel Green: The pros and cons of the world adopting versions of the UK’s RDR model

23 Mar, 2017  
Article 50 countdown: Investors need to prepare NOW for 3 key issues

22 Mar, 2017  
deVere's Campaign to Repeal FATCA and the Center for Freedom and Prosperity lead coalition of 23 groups calling on Congress to prioritize FATCA Repeal

20 Mar, 2017  
1.5 Americans in Asia could face gut-wrenching ‘citizide’ decision

16 Mar, 2017  
The Fed’s rate rise: Three questions investors need to ask themselves NOW

15 Mar, 2017  
deVere Acuma wins Best Financial Advisory Firm 2017 – Middle East Award

15 Mar, 2017  
Hammond's U-turn demonstrates an out of touch govt, but is a golden opportunity

14 Mar, 2017  
deVere Group named as ‘Best Independent Global Financial Advisory Firm 2017’

08 Mar, 2017  
Hammond’s Budget punishes ambition, undermines aspiration and will backfire on Brexit Britain

06 Mar, 2017  
deVere Group receives investment banking licence

01 Mar, 2017  
Trump’s joint address: Investors should look over lack of detail

28 Feb, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 13.30% as Goldman Sachs Developed Markets Autocallable 23 Note Matures

27 Feb, 2017  
The Campaign to Repeal FATCA, America’s toxic global tax law, has now stepped into high gear

17 Feb, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 10% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable (EUR) 22 Note Matures

09 Feb, 2017  
deVere clients to receive up to 12.75% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable 22 Note Matures

09 Feb, 2017  
More travel complications from U.S. authorities: IRS to revoke Americans’ passports for unpaid taxes

08 Feb, 2017  
Nigel Green Launches Campaign to Repeal Obama-Era FATCA Law

02 Feb, 2017  
deVere’s Investment Strategist features on South Africa’s two biggest radio stations

01 Feb, 2017  
Furore over Trump administration's currency exploitation rhetoric is 'naive' and 'hypocritical'

24 Jan, 2017  
deVere CEO, Nigel Green, named on LinkedIn’s UAE Power Profile list

23 Jan, 2017  
deVere Group launches its own private bank

23 Jan, 2017  
Expect market volatility in Trump’s first 100 days

17 Jan, 2017  
Hard Brexit and strong inflation data: Now is the time to ‘go more global'

13 Jan, 2017  
Savers, investors and expats: Now is the time to prepare for a hard Brexit

10 Jan, 2017  
80% of workers not saving enough for retirement

05 Jan, 2017  
Article 50 countdown drives rush to transfer UK pensions overseas

04 Jan, 2017  
Top three risks in 2017 for investors: The Fed, elections in the EU, oil price impact

15 Dec, 2016  
The Fed’s ‘significant’ rate rise – but investors don’t need to accept lower returns

13 Dec, 2016  
Weakened sterling and likely rate rise prompt mortgages enquiries to soar by 45%

13 Dec, 2016  
deVere clients to receive up to 32.25% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable 8 Note Matures

12 Dec, 2016  
deVere clients to receive up to 15.80% as UBS EM Autocallable 2 Note Matures

12 Dec, 2016  
deVere Group to open first New Zealand offices in January

07 Dec, 2016  
Why Americans abroad want Trump to act on FATCA

06 Dec, 2016  
Are financial markets responding prematurely to a US interest rate hike?

02 Dec, 2016  
deVere boss commends overseas pensions tax plans

02 Dec, 2016  
Michael Coady steps down as MD of deVere United Kingdom

02 Dec, 2016  
deVere boss supports government rule changes on overseas pension transfers

02 Dec, 2016  
SURVEY: Hong Kong and Shanghai business leaders are positive about Trump presidency

22 Nov, 2016  
Beware of the rise in U.S. bond yields, investors warned

21 Nov, 2016  
Trump must ‘show backbone’ and repeal Obama’s imperialistic global tax law

14 Nov, 2016  
Investors can ‘seriously build wealth’ in this wave of anti-globalisation

10 Nov, 2016  
Are the financial markets being ‘short-sighted’ over Trump’s victory?

09 Nov, 2016  
Investors and HNW individuals poised to capitalize on Trump victory

09 Nov, 2016  
Trump victory: Buckle up for a bumpy ride, but expect financial opportunities

09 Nov, 2016  
Global markets “shaken up”

08 Nov, 2016  
A Trump win would create a ‘double whammy negative impact’ in the markets

03 Nov, 2016  
Trump’s lead on Clinton: don’t overreact to jittery markets, investors urged

31 Oct, 2016  
Pound’s turmoil could push pension pots worth hundreds of millions overseas

26 Oct, 2016  
deVere wins Corporate Responsibility Award 2016

20 Oct, 2016  
New public financial guidance service must be more explicit about pension freedom disadvantages

11 Oct, 2016  
deVere Mortgages partners with Al Rayan Bank to offer Sharia compliant home finance

10 Oct, 2016  
The pound is pounded but investors urged to avoid knee-jerk reactions

04 Oct, 2016  
UK government should allow local advice for overseas pension transfers

04 Oct, 2016  
Investors to dump UK assets ahead of Brexit talks

27 Sep, 2016  
Clinton or Trump: either way Americans need to review their money plans

26 Sep, 2016  
Countdown is on to Barcelona’s extravagant deVere Spain Charity Ball

19 Sep, 2016  
Revealed: the top investment strategies of high net worth individuals

02 Sep, 2016  
Israeli High Court’s FATCA Injunction Must Make Other Countries Rethink America’s Imperialistic Law

30 Aug, 2016  
Firms advised “to do more” at Cape Town’s most extravagant charity event

24 Aug, 2016  
Interest rate cut leads to 55% rise in mortgage enquiries

23 Aug, 2016  
Many Investors Are Uneasy, But They Can Still Grow Wealth with These Two Rules

17 Aug, 2016  
Treasury Plan to Fine Financial Advisers Is Ill-Conceived

16 Aug, 2016  
Inflation rise adds to the mayhem brewing for Britain’s Brexit-battered pensions

16 Aug, 2016  
Money is still the biggest conversation taboo for high net worth individuals - but this is changing

11 Aug, 2016  
Goldilocks Is a Warning Sign That Investors Need to Act

10 Aug, 2016  
deVere United Kingdom Shortlisted for National IFA of the Year

08 Aug, 2016  
Bank of England’s Move is A Hammer Blow for Troubled EU

05 Aug, 2016  
Why the Bank of England’s measures damage pensions, pension funds and the economy

04 Aug, 2016  
Bank of England delivers another hammer blow for pensioners and savers

01 Aug, 2016  
deVere USA announces further ‘hub office’ in Miami

27 Jul, 2016  
PM May must be careful not to tarnish offshore financial services reputation

20 Jul, 2016  
Brexit has generated 50% surge in mortgage enquiries

19 Jul, 2016  
deVere United Kingdom wins Chartered Financial Planner award

15 Jul, 2016  
We’ll Grow to Meet Demand in Hong Kong Says Nigel Green

14 Jul, 2016  
‘Significant volatility’ is the new normal – Nigel Green

12 Jul, 2016  
Think twice about overexposure to US markets, warns head of deVere USA

11 Jul, 2016  
Leadsom candidature withdrawal to boost financial markets

11 Jul, 2016  
Post-Brexit pensions at all-time risk

30 Jun, 2016  
Adoption of The Rand Will Encourage Foreign Investment

28 Jun, 2016  
Brexit to Fuel Demand for UK Pensions to Leave Britain

27 Jun, 2016  
Three things investors should do following Brexit bombshell

24 Jun, 2016  
Investors to capitalise on the Brexit-battered pound

24 Jun, 2016  
Britain files for divorce from EU

22 Jun, 2016  
Financial markets have already priced in a vote ‘Remain', but what if they are wrong?

20 Jun, 2016  
Investors to capitalise on post-Brexit opportunities... whatever the result

07 Jun, 2016  
Complacent savers should learn from BHS and Tata Steel pensions crises

02 Jun, 2016  
The top cities for graduates seeking a career in finance

31 May, 2016  
People are ‘sleepwalking’ into LTA tax charges on pensions

18 May, 2016  
The top investment mistakes by high-net-worth individuals

13 May, 2016  
deVere wins at 2016 Business Excellence Awards

12 May, 2016  
The Economic and Moral Case for Tax Havens

04 May, 2016  
Investors should ‘Brexit-proof’ portfolios

20 Apr, 2016  
68% of British expats are worried about a Brexit

19 Apr, 2016  
Global investors should ignore tanking oil prices and remain positive

19 Apr, 2016  
35% of US citizens overseas likely to botch tax return

15 Apr, 2016  
Should we expect another downward lurch in global stock markets?

08 Apr, 2016  
Tax havens are cog in global economy, say defenders

07 Apr, 2016  
Offshore industry can benefit from Panama-style financial privacy

05 Apr, 2016  
Panama Papers not representative of offshore finance

01 Apr, 2016  
Brexit and The Fed to drive investors towards dollar

10 Mar, 2016  
ECB decision: investors to expand portfolios

08 Mar, 2016  
Workers unrealistic about the pensions savings needed

02 Mar, 2016  
Possible Brexit drives demand for mortgages

25 Feb, 2016  
Use the current market volatility to your advantage

24 Feb, 2016  
deVere Apprenticeship Programme unlocks new talent

17 Feb, 2016  
Trump must show clarity in his economic agenda

15 Feb, 2016  
Oil price panic playing into investors’ hands

09 Feb, 2016  
Don’t feel forced by Uncle Sam to give up citizenship

04 Feb, 2016  
75% of high-net-worth individuals plan to invest more in 2016

03 Feb, 2016  
Gulf-based buyers piling into UK property

28 Jan, 2016  
Oil slump to boost demand for financial advice in UK

28 Jan, 2016  
Pound, Euro and Yen make gains on Dollar after Fed talk

21 Jan, 2016  
Tips for investors as FTSE 100 enters bear market

20 Jan, 2016  
China’s weak figures should offer comfort to investors

20 Jan, 2016  
Mortgage market to be driven by rigid interest rates

11 Jan, 2016  
deVere UK looking to up business by 50%

08 Jan, 2016  
China’s seesawing stock market could be beneficial

06 Jan, 2016  
Trump’s comments are "damaging brand U.S.A”

04 Jan, 2016  
Millionaires’ top 3 financial resolutions for 2016

04 Jan, 2016  
Positive prospects for investors despite volatile 2016

15 Dec, 2015  
Beware Trumponomics, warns financial advisory giant

14 Dec, 2015  
Investors warned of more market volatility in 2016

09 Dec, 2015  
Trump’s controversial comments could cause volatility

07 Dec, 2015  
The Great Divergence - investors should think global

02 Dec, 2015  
Generation Rent won’t gain from Osborne’s clampdown

30 Nov, 2015  
Investors should be optimistic, says Nigel Green

26 Nov, 2015  
Tax relief on pensions – extended window of opportunity

20 Nov, 2015  
American expats need to sort out financial affairs

18 Nov, 2015  
More needs to be done for Help to Buy ISA scheme

17 Nov, 2015  
Be “Fed-ready” ahead of likely interest rates hike

09 Nov, 2015  
FATCA is a masterclass in fiscal imperialism

06 Nov, 2015  
Top earners, act now on Osborne’s pension tax plans

30 Oct, 2015  
deVere clients receive 11%. Morgan Stanley Note matures

20 Oct, 2015  
deVere Group launches Legal Services Referral Program

08 Nov, 2007  
deVere & Partners appoints Standard & Poor’s Fund Services as provider of independent fund research services

09 Feb, 2007  
deVere & Partners and Deutsche Bank Further Extend Strategic Agreement

22 Nov, 2006  
deVere & Partners and Deutsche Bank Forge Strategic Agreement