Pension News

20 Oct, 2015  -Lufthansa, cabin crew fail to reach deal on pensions

12 Oct, 2015  -Nearly $1bn wiped off the value of UK pensions’ coal investments

09 Oct, 2015  -British Steel Pension Scheme deficit falls by 84% after unions accept

06 Oct, 2015  -State pension rip-off: Savers risk paying more for nothing under top-up overhaul

01 Oct, 2015  -Young UK adults face huge pension shortfall

10 Sep, 2015  -Hundreds of thousands of women set to miss out on UK state pensions

08 Sep, 2015  -British employees are unprepared for retirement

07 Sep, 2015  -UK pensions deficits: FTSE 100 firms anxious over pensions as workers retire

07 Sep, 2015  -Pensioners most likely to lose track of finances after retirement

07 Sep, 2015  -Pensioners at risk of surprise 70% tax bill on pension fund

31 Aug, 2015  -Savers keep their money safe despite pension freedoms

26 Aug, 2015  -£30bn pension deficit sees one-day increase due to ‘Black Monday’

09 Jul, 2015  -UK Budget: Pensions tax relief cut for higher earners

08 Jul, 2015  -QROPS options for expats in Australia

22 Jun, 2015  -FTSE 250 firms warned over pension schemes deficits

11 Jun, 2015  -Green: pension reforms are ‘alarmingly chaotic’

01 May, 2015  -65% of pensioners are still unaware of pensions death tax reform

01 May, 2015  -Trade bodies issue another call for independent pension commission

23 Apr, 2015  -Pensions cap likely to ‘trigger exodus of doctors from the NHS'

20 Apr, 2015  -Pensions expert set to earn cabinet spot should Tories win election

16 Apr, 2015  -May Elections 2015: What’s being said about pensions

07 Apr, 2015  -Pension reforms – beware of fraudsters now more than ever

02 Apr, 2015  -Larger pension withdrawals come with surprise tax traps

02 Apr, 2015  -Pension reforms may lead to poverty

26 Mar, 2015  -Pension freedoms - FCA warns over complex products

25 Mar, 2015  -Labour MPs to slam ‘scandalous’ progress on pension reform advice

24 Mar, 2015  -Minister tells over-55s not to rush into pension decisions

23 Mar, 2015  -Pensions - Employees expected to move their money

18 Mar, 2015  -Osborne’s annuity freedoms herald boom time for scammers

17 Mar, 2015  -Savers should be central to any pension reforms, say experts

16 Mar, 2015  -1.4m risk inadequate retirement income, warns report

06 Mar, 2015  -British pensioners worse off than in France and Germany

05 Mar, 2015  -FCA warns that pensioners could be left destitute after pension changes

27 Feb, 2015  -Firefighters in Westminster rally over pensions dispute

26 Feb, 2015  -Pensions minister tells savers to stay in bed on April 6

25 Feb, 2015  -UK Pensions industry says reforms aren’t ready

24 Feb, 2015  -State pensions now require a further five years of work to be comfortable

10 Feb, 2015  -British pensioners are running out of time

06 Feb, 2015  -Labour peer: UK pension reforms are a ‘shambles’

13 Jan, 2015  -Only 45% of retirees to receive full state pensions

07 Jan, 2015  -UK pension deficit hits £100 billion

16 Dec, 2014  -French face smaller pensions

08 Dec, 2014  -OECD cautions UK about its pension reforms

05 Dec, 2014  -One in 10 likely to make costly blunders over pensions

03 Dec, 2014  -One in six ministers believe state pension will be 'extinct in 30 years'