Pension News

02 May, 2016  
Pension chief meeting with BHS buyer lasted 30 minutes

13 Apr, 2016  
US public pension system has $3.4tn hole

13 Apr, 2016  
Young savers "robbed of £19,000" under new state pension

06 Apr, 2016  
Pension reform will benefit women and self-employed

29 Mar, 2016  
Too few people understand new state pension

10 Mar, 2016  
Pensions tax relief climb-down a ‘missed opportunity’

09 Mar, 2016  
Thousands won’t be eligible for state-pension

08 Mar, 2016  
BHS pension gap 'wider than thought'

02 Mar, 2016  
State-pension age could balloon into mid-70s!

25 Feb, 2016  
State-pension women “paying for government’s failures”

24 Feb, 2016  
Pension reform could trigger wave of mis-selling claims

23 Feb, 2016  
A bleak future for younger pension savers

22 Feb, 2016  
Steve Webb warns Osborne will drop a "tax bombshell"

22 Feb, 2016  
Steve Webb claims Osbourne to abolish pension perk

17 Feb, 2016  
Osborne could slash pensions by £4,000 a year

08 Feb, 2016  
People retiring from April might get wrong pension

03 Feb, 2016  
Government hounded over state pension “mis-sale”

19 Jan, 2016  
Government set to slash pension tax relief

18 Jan, 2016  
Don't risk losing out on an increase in your pension

15 Jan, 2016  
16m young people worse off under new state pension

13 Jan, 2016  
Stock market falls could spell disaster

12 Jan, 2016  
Clumsy government gives savers wrong state pension

12 Jan, 2016  
Small businesses confused with their pension responsibilities

08 Jan, 2016  
Pension pots fully cashed out

07 Jan, 2016  
Ford Motor changes pension reporting

06 Jan, 2016  
Call to compensate women due to state pension rise

20 Oct, 2015  
Lufthansa, cabin crew fail to reach deal on pensions

12 Oct, 2015  
Nearly $1bn wiped off the value of UK pensions’ coal investments

09 Oct, 2015  
British Steel Pension Scheme deficit falls by 84% after unions accept

06 Oct, 2015  
State pension rip-off: Savers risk paying more for nothing under top-up overhaul

01 Oct, 2015  
Young UK adults face huge pension shortfall

10 Sep, 2015  
Hundreds of thousands of women set to miss out on UK state pensions

08 Sep, 2015  
British employees are unprepared for retirement

07 Sep, 2015  
UK pensions deficits: FTSE 100 firms anxious over pensions as workers retire

07 Sep, 2015  
Pensioners most likely to lose track of finances after retirement

07 Sep, 2015  
Pensioners at risk of surprise 70% tax bill on pension fund

31 Aug, 2015  
Savers keep their money safe despite pension freedoms

26 Aug, 2015  
£30bn pension deficit sees one-day increase due to ‘Black Monday’

09 Jul, 2015  
UK Budget: Pensions tax relief cut for higher earners

08 Jul, 2015  
QROPS options for expats in Australia

22 Jun, 2015  
FTSE 250 firms warned over pension schemes deficits

11 Jun, 2015  
Green: pension reforms are ‘alarmingly chaotic’