Brexit News

20 Jul, 2017  
PM pressed to give Brexit clarity at business summit

19 Jul, 2017  
Firms raise marketing budgets amid Brexit uncertainty

19 Jul, 2017  
EU backs down on ‘Brexit Bill’, resumes trade talks

18 Jul, 2017  
Brexit: Chris Grayling says Govt ‘prepared for no deal’

17 Jul, 2017  
Brexit: Cabinet divided as Davis heads to Brussels

14 Jul, 2017  
Report: Corbyn’s EU interference could wreck Brexit

14 Jul, 2017  
Brexit: EasyJet creates new airline

12 Jul, 2017  
Vince Cable provokes outrage over claim against Brexit

11 Jul, 2017  
Boris Johnson accuses EU of ‘extortion’ over Brexit

11 Jul, 2017  
UK financial services still strong and booming

07 Jul, 2017  
Report: Theresa May reassures businesses on Brexit

06 Jul, 2017  
Finance watchdog reaffirms firm independence post Brexit

04 Jul, 2017  
UK ministers push for post-Brexit drug deal

28 Jun, 2017  
House prices rebound despite Brexit uncertainty

27 Jun, 2017  
May sets out post-Brexit offer to EU citizens

27 Jun, 2017  
US Tech Company shuns Brexit Fears with London office

26 Jun, 2017  
UK to keep duty-free access post-Brexit

26 Jun, 2017  
Conservatives secure deal with DUP

23 Jun, 2017  
Merkel: UK Brexit offer a good start

23 Jun, 2017  
UK Brexit offer 'below expectations'

21 Jun, 2017  
Tory manifesto vows ditched as PM focuses on Brexit

21 Jun, 2017  
Queen's Speech: Brexit to take centre stage

20 Jun, 2017  
Brexit: UK makes big concession on day one of talks

20 Jun, 2017  
US-UK trade talks to ensure deal after Brexit

19 Jun, 2017  
Day one of Brexit talks

15 Jun, 2017  
Treasury to bolster fiscal aid amid soft Brexit chatter

14 Jun, 2017  
London could lose EU euro clearing role

13 Jun, 2017  
Hard Brexit prospect recedes after UK election

13 Jun, 2017  
Manufacturers call for Brexit strategy rethink

12 Jun, 2017  
Economists urge May to accelerate Brexit plans

05 Jun, 2017  
Election campaigning resumes following deadly attacks

31 May, 2017  
Brexit expat retirees 'may cost NHS £1bn a year'

31 May, 2017  
Trade deal will not meet Brexit deadline

30 May, 2017  
Details of Brexit process revealed in EU documents

29 May, 2017  
Conservative slide to the left risks hurting free trade

26 May, 2017  
Consumer confidence lowest since Brexit vote

22 May, 2017  
EU accused of anti-UK 'protectionism'

18 May, 2017  
Theresa May launches conservative manifesto

09 May, 2017  
France-Britain border controls could change after GE

08 May, 2017  
Macron victory means tougher Brexit negotiations

03 May, 2017  
Brexit: UK will 'not pay €100bn divorce bill'

02 May, 2017  
EU secretly plotting to block Theresa May?

28 Apr, 2017  
Report: Foreign investors fully support Brexit Britain

28 Apr, 2017  
EU to expand draft Brexit bill to include refugees

27 Apr, 2017  
UK car production hits 17-year high

27 Apr, 2017  
Make trade not war: firms urge deal for UK and Brussels

26 Apr, 2017  
New ‘special relationship’ for UK and US manufacturers

25 Apr, 2017  
Living standards are falling, UK analysis shows

24 Apr, 2017  
EU Brexit negotiator dismisses PM’s snap election

20 Apr, 2017  
Conservatives to win 48% of general election vote

20 Apr, 2017  
City a major jobs magnet, despite Brexit uncertainty

18 Apr, 2017  
City watchdog gears up for Brexit with mission statement

13 Apr, 2017  
Brexit: UK tech firms look to Silicon Valley

07 Apr, 2017  
Brexit: Mark Carney urges UK to ‘take the high road’

07 Apr, 2017  
German companies call for ‘soft Brexit’

06 Apr, 2017  
Brexit: Donald Tusk to meet UK PM in London

05 Apr, 2017  
Theresa May suggests free movement extension till 2022

05 Apr, 2017  
Nigel Farage: EU “behaving like the Mafia”

03 Apr, 2017  
Brexit: 'Gibraltar is not a political pawn'

31 Mar, 2017  
EU outlines 'phased' Brexit strategy

30 Mar, 2017  
After Article 50: Heathrow to get £650m investment

30 Mar, 2017  
Brexit: UK lays out plans to replace all EU laws

29 Mar, 2017  
Theresa May signs letter that will trigger Brexit

29 Mar, 2017  
Manufacturers warn on ‘lose-lose’ Brexit for both sides

28 Mar, 2017  
Cut the EU red tape choking Britain

27 Mar, 2017  
Europe will face ‘severe consequences’ from hard Brexit

27 Mar, 2017  
May to meet Sturgeon prior to triggering Brexit

24 Mar, 2017  
EU chief: Brexit ‘a failure and a tragedy’

21 Mar, 2017  
EU announces date for first Brexit summit

20 Mar, 2017  
PM begins Brexit tour as Sturgeon eyes independence

17 Mar, 2017  
No Scottish independence referendum for six years

16 Mar, 2017  
Toyota hands £240m Brexit boost to UK

14 Mar, 2017  
PM tells Sturgeon: ‘Don’t play games over Brexit’

14 Mar, 2017  
Parliament clears path to trigger Brexit

13 Mar, 2017  
Poll: over half of Scots do not want second referendum

10 Mar, 2017  
Anger over top Brexit negotiator speech

07 Mar, 2017  
Downing Street rejects Hague’s call for early election

07 Mar, 2017  
Brexit: UK food inflation doubles

06 Mar, 2017  
Brexit: UK manufacturers enjoy surge in orders

03 Mar, 2017  
Theresa May: UK and Scotland will not ‘drift apart’

03 Mar, 2017  
UK set for slowdown due to inflation pressure

02 Mar, 2017  
Ministers will attempt to overturn Brexit bill defeat

01 Mar, 2017  
May set for defeat in the Lords over EU citizens' rights

28 Feb, 2017  
Brexit: UK firms in self-defence mode

27 Feb, 2017  
PwC: UK takes 3rd place for growth prospect perceptions