Brexit News

20 Jul, 2018  
Post-Brexit “settlement scheme” debuts in August

19 Jul, 2018  
Step-up ‘no deal’ Brexit plans, warns EU

18 Jul, 2018  
Brexit’s Vote Leave fined and reported to police

17 Jul, 2018  
May caves to ERG rebels, narrowly avoids Commons defeat

16 Jul, 2018  
May under fire, faces possible no-confidence vote

13 Jul, 2018  
Business groups slam Brexit White Paper

12 Jul, 2018  
UK Brexit focus moves to financial services

12 Jul, 2018  
UK awaits Trump’s “controversial visit” amid Brexit tensions

09 Jul, 2018  
David Davis resigns from Brexit Secretary role

05 Jul, 2018  
May’s plan rejected, deemed “unworkable” by Brexit secretary

05 Jul, 2018  
JLR: Brexit could see loss of £80bn in UK investment

04 Jul, 2018  
ITV: PM to propose “Softest possible Brexit” plan

03 Jul, 2018  
Brexit: tensions arise amid May’s non-viable proposals

03 Jul, 2018  
BCC: Companies ‘running out of patience’ over Brexit

02 Jul, 2018  
Third Brexit customs model devised, reports BBC

29 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: business and consumer confidence in economy falls

28 Jun, 2018  
May heads to Brussels as EU makes plans for hard Brexit

27 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: Urgency called for by business and union leaders

27 Jun, 2018  
KPMG: UK-focused firms struggling since Brexit vote

26 Jun, 2018  
Brexit-fuelled fall in investment in UK car industry

25 Jun, 2018  
EU firms not happy with Brexit as investment falls

21 Jun, 2018  
Home Secretary says EU needs to do more for UK expats

20 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: Rebels back down in Commons vote battle

18 Jun, 2018  
Brexit trade barriers could cost UK households £1k/year

13 Jun, 2018  
MPs to be given ‘real say’ over no Brexit deal

12 Jun, 2018  
UK minister quits over Brexit on day of vital EU withdrawal voting

11 Jun, 2018  
EU rejects Brexit backstop plans

07 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: Ministers meet over customs 'backstop' plans

05 Jun, 2018  
HMRC boss: No-Deal Brexit has same customs cost as 'Max Fac’

29 May, 2018  
Brexit tensions between BoE and Treasury, says report

28 May, 2018  
Post-Brexit concerns for UK food and farming sector

18 May, 2018  
UK seeks £30bn from intl investors for post-Brexit boost

16 May, 2018  
Britain to publish White Paper before June Brexit talks

14 May, 2018  
Norway supports UK joining EEA after Brexit

11 May, 2018  
Brexit is in deadlock, PM postpones key votes

08 May, 2018  
UK customs proposal with EU is “crazy”, says Johnson

07 May, 2018  
Brexit: “jobs threatened” without customs deal

04 May, 2018  
One–third of CFOs prepping to move staff post-Brexit

30 Apr, 2018  
EU Brexit negotiator: fast progress on Irish border

27 Apr, 2018  
EU Brexit negotiator: London to remain global finance hub

26 Apr, 2018  
Pressure on for Prime Minister over EU’s customs union

24 Apr, 2018  
Rolls-Royce eyes European relocation due to Brexit

23 Apr, 2018  
Hammond: Brexit transition deal stops City job losses

20 Apr, 2018  
National Audit Office: Brexit ‘divorce’ cost unclear

16 Apr, 2018  
UK to get ‘token minimalist’ Brexit deal for financial sector

10 Apr, 2018  
Norway supports Brexit trade roll-over deal

10 Apr, 2018  
Brexit will cost FCA £30m this year

09 Apr, 2018  
Optimism for UK firms after Brexit transition deal

09 Apr, 2018  
Brexit divides Barclays’ euro trading hub

29 Mar, 2018  
UK plans to roll over 40 EU trade deals after Brexit

26 Mar, 2018  
Vote Leave ‘cheated’ in Brexit vote, says activist

23 Mar, 2018  
Use ‘new dynamic’ to seal Brexit deal, May tells EU

20 Mar, 2018  
Post-Brexit prices fall if UK ends tariffs

15 Mar, 2018  
Study: Brexit to hit five sectors hardest

14 Mar, 2018  
German industry groups want UK to stay in customs union

13 Mar, 2018  
FCA caps rule changes ahead of Brexit

08 Mar, 2018  
May UK rate rise likely but Brexit obstacles remain

07 Mar, 2018  
Hammond to challenge EU claim over Brexit City deal

07 Mar, 2018  
Tusk rejects UK’s ‘pick n mix’ approach to Brexit

01 Mar, 2018  
Draft EU bill threatens UK's ‘constitutional integrity’

26 Feb, 2018  
Jeremy Corbyn backs customs union with EU after Brexit

22 Feb, 2018  
May set for crunch Brexit talks with MPs at Chequers

22 Feb, 2018  
UK net migration of EU nationals falls below 100,000