Brexit News

05 Jul, 2019  
Hammond: MPs will stop no-deal Brexit

02 Jul, 2019  
Brexit uncertainty makes it impossible to set spending review: Hammond

28 Jun, 2019  
‘Be straight with people’ on Brexit: Hunt to Johnson

27 Jun, 2019  
Japan says UK must avoid no-deal Brexit

26 Jun, 2019  
Rory Stewart backs Jeremy Hunt in race to be UK PM

24 Jun, 2019  
Key Brexit dates ahead of October 31

24 Jun, 2019  
Boris Johnson is a “coward”: Jeremy Hunt

20 Jun, 2019  
Rory Stewart knocked out of race to be UK PM

19 Jun, 2019  
The UK’s next PM debate: still ‘no path through’ Brexit

17 Jun, 2019  
UK Foreign Secretary prepared to delay Brexit again

06 Jun, 2019  
Raab’s Brexit plan branded ‘illegal’

29 May, 2019  
Brexit is a ‘vaccine’ for anti-EU parties: Tusk

28 May, 2019  
Corbyn now backs Brexit referendum

24 May, 2019  
Theresa May announces date of resignation

23 May, 2019  
Theresa May could quit on Friday: The Times

22 May, 2019  
UK PM unveils ‘new Brexit deal’

21 May, 2019  
Hammond: no-deal Brexit will deliberately harm economy

17 May, 2019  
Labour quits cross-party Brexit talks

15 May, 2019  
Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement Bill brought forward

14 May, 2019  
May faces pressure to abandon discussions with Labour

02 May, 2019  
May hopes UK will leave EU before new deadline

23 Apr, 2019  
More pressure on May to quit as Brexit talks resume

18 Apr, 2019  
Brexit Party surges to top of European elections poll

16 Apr, 2019  
Corbyn as bad for banks as hard Brexit, says Citigroup

12 Apr, 2019  
Labour to become the Brexit referendum party?

11 Apr, 2019  
Trick or Treat: Brexit extended until Halloween

10 Apr, 2019  
EU expected to grant UK a Brexit extension

09 Apr, 2019  
A long delay to Brexit is now likely

08 Apr, 2019  
Labour seeks more Brexit talks with PM

05 Apr, 2019  
Brexit: May requests extension until 30 June

04 Apr, 2019  
Brexit: MPs back delay bill as PM and Corbyn start talks

03 Apr, 2019  
Brexit: May to meet Corbyn to overcome deadlock

03 Apr, 2019  
EU parliamentary committee backs visa-free travel for UK citizens post-Brexit

02 Apr, 2019  
MPs reject Brexit alternatives once again

29 Mar, 2019  
Brexit vote to be discussed in parliament on Friday

28 Mar, 2019  
Push for May’s Brexit deal after vowing to quit

27 Mar, 2019  
Brexit: MPs set to vote tonight to end deadlock

26 Mar, 2019  
UK MPs take control of Brexit from government

25 Mar, 2019  
Boris Johnson says PM has ‘bottled it’ on Brexit

22 Mar, 2019  
EU agrees to Brexit delay if MPs back May’s deal

18 Mar, 2019  
‘Physically impossible’ for UK to leave EU this month

15 Mar, 2019  
May to persuade MPs to back Brexit deal for third time

14 Mar, 2019  
MPs set to vote on Brexit delay

13 Mar, 2019  
UK MPs to vote on leaving EU with no deal

06 Mar, 2019  
Bombardier wants DUP to support PM’s Brexit deal

04 Mar, 2019  
£1.6bn post-Brexit fund for struggling areas

28 Feb, 2019  
Goldman Sachs: Chance of No Deal Brexit is now just 10%

27 Feb, 2019  
Theresa May vows to let parliament vote on Brexit delay

26 Feb, 2019  
Labour party signals backing for second Brexit vote

25 Feb, 2019  
May set to extend Article 50 to avoid No Deal Brexit

22 Feb, 2019  
Bank of Ireland sets up €2bn Brexit fund for SMEs

21 Feb, 2019  
Rumours of more MP defection to Independent Group

20 Feb, 2019  
Three Conservatives quit and join Independent Group

19 Feb, 2019  
Brexit: UK manufacturers warn of “catastrophic” no-deal