Brexit News

17 Jan, 2018  
Brexiteers accuse EU of destabilising Brexit process

16 Jan, 2018  
UK inflation takes breather

11 Jan, 2018  
Pound soars to highest level since Brexit vote

11 Jan, 2018  
EU risks global bank crisis if Brexit deal blocked

08 Jan, 2018  
Optimistic firms recruit at record high in UK boost

08 Jan, 2018  
Farage: Hard Brexit depends on financial services deal

03 Jan, 2018  
UK eyes Trans-Pacific Partnership in post-Brexit boost

15 Dec, 2017  
Confirmed: Brexit talks to enter phase two

15 Dec, 2017  
May leaves Brussels as EU leaders gather for vote

08 Dec, 2017  
Brexit deal done as UK and EU move to trade talks stage

08 Dec, 2017  
Pound, businesses react to Brexit breakthrough

29 Nov, 2017  
Brexit: UK ministers play down €55bn EU divorce bill

28 Nov, 2017  
UK banks can withstand “disorderly” Brexit, says BoE

27 Nov, 2017  
WTO boss: Brexit no deal is no problem

21 Nov, 2017  
UK appears to back £40bn divorce bill; Tory backlash

14 Nov, 2017  
MPs to scrutinise key Brexit legislation

09 Nov, 2017  
Brexit: May to host talks with European business groups

07 Nov, 2017  
UK seeks law to help with post-Brexit trade

01 Nov, 2017  
EU must talk trade before Brexit bill

27 Oct, 2017  
Brexit: EU bank may not fully repay UK for decades

24 Oct, 2017  
UK can still cancel Brexit, suggests top EU official

24 Oct, 2017  
Juncker denies that May ‘begged for help’ on Brexit

20 Oct, 2017  
EU 2017 Summit: May admits little progress in Brexit

19 Oct, 2017  
Brexit bill delayed as plans for EU withdrawal stall

18 Oct, 2017  
UK lambasts EU for deliberately stalling Brexit

17 Oct, 2017  
Brexit: City firms ready for permanent relocation

16 Oct, 2017  
May urges Merkel to end Brexit deadlock

10 Oct, 2017  
May reveals detailed plans for ‘no deal’ scenario

09 Oct, 2017  
May to prove Brexit 'doomsayers wrong'

03 Oct, 2017  
UK growth to outstrip Eurozone’s by 2019

29 Sep, 2017  
May calls for EU to guarantee British Citizens’ rights

27 Sep, 2017  
Corbyn’s speech reiterates shift in Brexit policy

22 Sep, 2017  
PM bids to break Brexit deadlock with transitional deal

20 Sep, 2017  
What the German Election means for Brexit

20 Sep, 2017  
Downing Street dismisses rumoured €20bn Brexit offer

19 Sep, 2017  
Britain 8th largest industrial nation due to Brexit

19 Sep, 2017  
Boris Johnson might resign if Brexit vision changed

18 Sep, 2017  
Tory MPs back Boris Johnson’s Brexit blueprint

18 Sep, 2017  
May to discuss post-Brexit trade with Canadian PM

18 Sep, 2017  
May faces Brexit revolt from carmakers

15 Sep, 2017  
Rising wages could lead to rate hike, says BoE

15 Sep, 2017  
UK seeks to smooth Brexit path for nuclear power

15 Sep, 2017  
Burberry: “enormous” potential for post-Brexit Britain

13 Sep, 2017  
Nigel Farage and Juncker bash heads in EU parliament

13 Sep, 2017  
Bill Gates: Britain’s firms will boom after Brexit

12 Sep, 2017  
Brexit: Withdrawal Bill passes first Commons vote

08 Sep, 2017  
Business groups excluded from Brexit talks

08 Sep, 2017  
Boris Johnson remains ‘rock solid confident’ of EU deal

05 Sep, 2017  
Top EU official calls Brexit a ‘stupid’ decision

01 Sep, 2017  
Brexit: UK must not be ‘blackmailed’ by EU

31 Aug, 2017  
UK negotiators dismantle legal basis for Brexit bill

30 Aug, 2017  
UK to replicate EU external trade deals after Brexit

29 Aug, 2017  
Juncker says UK Brexit stance “not good enough!”

29 Aug, 2017  
Manufacturers seek clarity on EU worker rights

28 Aug, 2017  
David Davis orders EU to stop Brexit delaying tactics

23 Aug, 2017  
Theresa May U-turns on UK courts to speed up talks

21 Aug, 2017  
Brexit: UK hails in new trade negotiator