Brexit News

13 Nov, 2019  
Gauke: Tory majority will lead to no-deal Brexit

07 Nov, 2019  
Ex-Labour MP: Corbyn ‘unfit’ to be PM, vote Johnson

01 Nov, 2019  
Election campaign commences on former Brexit due date

30 Oct, 2019  
Current Brexit deal to cost UK economy £70bn

30 Oct, 2019  
UK to have a general election on 12 December

29 Oct, 2019  
Boris Johnson to make another general election bid

28 Oct, 2019  
Brexit extension approved by EU

25 Oct, 2019  
Boris Johnson calls for UK election on 12 December

23 Oct, 2019  
Boris Johnson ‘pauses’ Brexit bill

22 Oct, 2019  
Boris Johnson in last attempt to get Brexit deal passed

21 Oct, 2019  
PM to push for Brexit deal vote once again on Monday

18 Oct, 2019  
IMF director labels Brexit deal as “good news”

17 Oct, 2019  
DUP says it cannot support Boris’ Brexit deal

17 Oct, 2019  
UK and European Union agree on Brexit deal

16 Oct, 2019  
Last attempt at Brexit talks before EU summit later this week

10 Oct, 2019  
Johnson and Varadkar meet for last ditch talks

08 Oct, 2019  
Brexit deal ‘overwhelmingly unlikely’, Downing St source

07 Oct, 2019  
Labour to support general election before Christmas once no-deal stopped

30 Sep, 2019  
Billions promised to cushion fallout of no-deal Brexit

23 Sep, 2019  
Britain’s opposition Labour party vote on Brexit policy

18 Sep, 2019  
Britain aims to quickly conclude trade deal with Australia

16 Sep, 2019  
Liberal Democrats vow to scrap Brexit

12 Sep, 2019  
UK PM rules out pact with Farage’s Brexit Party

10 Sep, 2019  
British PM refuses to delay Brexit

05 Sep, 2019  
Boris Johnson’s brother quits before PM launches election

04 Sep, 2019  
UK PM Johnson faced with new battle after Brexit defeat

21 Aug, 2019  
Johnson jets to Berlin to meet Merkel over Brexit

01 Aug, 2019  
Britain to spend more money preparing for a no-deal Brexit

29 Jul, 2019  
Britain and EU not ready for no-deal Brexit, says CBI

25 Jul, 2019  
Johnson denies NHS sale in Brexit deal with Trump

24 Jul, 2019  
Boris Johnson to announce the names of his Brexit team

19 Jul, 2019  
New EU head willing to grant UK Brexit talks extension

05 Jul, 2019  
Hammond: MPs will stop no-deal Brexit

02 Jul, 2019  
Brexit uncertainty makes it impossible to set spending review: Hammond

28 Jun, 2019  
‘Be straight with people’ on Brexit: Hunt to Johnson

27 Jun, 2019  
Japan says UK must avoid no-deal Brexit

26 Jun, 2019  
Rory Stewart backs Jeremy Hunt in race to be UK PM

24 Jun, 2019  
Key Brexit dates ahead of October 31

24 Jun, 2019  
Boris Johnson is a “coward”: Jeremy Hunt

20 Jun, 2019  
Rory Stewart knocked out of race to be UK PM

19 Jun, 2019  
The UK’s next PM debate: still ‘no path through’ Brexit

17 Jun, 2019  
UK Foreign Secretary prepared to delay Brexit again