Brexit News

22 Mar, 2019  
EU agrees to Brexit delay if MPs back May’s deal

18 Mar, 2019  
‘Physically impossible’ for UK to leave EU this month

15 Mar, 2019  
May to persuade MPs to back Brexit deal for third time

14 Mar, 2019  
MPs set to vote on Brexit delay

13 Mar, 2019  
UK MPs to vote on leaving EU with no deal

06 Mar, 2019  
Bombardier wants DUP to support PM’s Brexit deal

04 Mar, 2019  
£1.6bn post-Brexit fund for struggling areas

28 Feb, 2019  
Goldman Sachs: Chance of No Deal Brexit is now just 10%

27 Feb, 2019  
Theresa May vows to let parliament vote on Brexit delay

26 Feb, 2019  
Labour party signals backing for second Brexit vote

25 Feb, 2019  
May set to extend Article 50 to avoid No Deal Brexit

22 Feb, 2019  
Bank of Ireland sets up €2bn Brexit fund for SMEs

21 Feb, 2019  
Rumours of more MP defection to Independent Group

20 Feb, 2019  
Three Conservatives quit and join Independent Group

19 Feb, 2019  
Brexit: UK manufacturers warn of “catastrophic” no-deal

12 Feb, 2019  
Liam Fox: Brexit not the only reason for slowdown

11 Feb, 2019  
UK PM softens on staying in Customs Union

01 Feb, 2019  
Europe visa free travel, even in no-deal Brexit

01 Feb, 2019  
Brexit: Survey reveals third of UK businesses could relocate

30 Jan, 2019  
CBI: UK businesses accelerating no-deal Brexit plans

23 Jan, 2019  
Adidas CEO cautions about Brexit effect

22 Jan, 2019  
EU: No-deal Brexit means hard border for Ireland

16 Jan, 2019  
Labour lists no-confidence vote in Theresa May after Brexit deal voted down

15 Jan, 2019  
Brexit vote in parliament today dominates markets

14 Jan, 2019  
PM warns: No Brexit more likely than a no-deal Brexit

10 Jan, 2019  
Brexit: Another crushing blow for Theresa May

09 Jan, 2019  
May suffers anti-Brexit vote defeat

07 Jan, 2019  
More than 200 MPs urge Theresa May to rule out no-deal Brexit

04 Jan, 2019  
Universities red flag no deal Brexit

03 Jan, 2019  
UK PM seeks Brexit clarifications from EU

14 Dec, 2018  
New details of post Brexit visa waiver for EU travel

13 Dec, 2018  
Theresa May survives confidence vote

12 Dec, 2018  
UK Premier Theresa May faces no-confidence vote

06 Dec, 2018  
UK PM says no to cabinet calls to postpone Brexit vote

05 Dec, 2018  
Leadsom: No-deal Brexit is ‘default option’ if May’s plans voted down

03 Dec, 2018  
UK PM faces contempt of parliament risk on Brexit advice

30 Nov, 2018  
Greening: 2nd Brexit vote could be held in May

28 Nov, 2018  
No-deal Brexit feared by 75% of Britain’s car makers

26 Nov, 2018  
Brexit agreement approved by EU during summit

22 Nov, 2018  
HMRC raises fears over a no deal Brexit

21 Nov, 2018  
British PM in Brussels for crucial Brexit talks ahead of summit

20 Nov, 2018  
BoE governor Carney backs PM’s Brexit deal

20 Nov, 2018  
Focus shifts towards future relationship between UK and EU

19 Nov, 2018  
Leadership challenge would only delay Brexit, says May

19 Nov, 2018  
CBI boss: We must back the PM’s Brexit deal

16 Nov, 2018  
Theresa May vows to ‘see it through’

15 Nov, 2018  
Cabinet supports draft Brexit agreement

14 Nov, 2018  
UK and EU reach draft agreement of Brexit deal

07 Nov, 2018  
Brexit business councils set up by PM

05 Nov, 2018  
Investors upbeat about investing in UK post-Brexit

01 Nov, 2018  
The Times: UK and EU strike deal on financial services

29 Oct, 2018  
Chancellor prepares his last pre-Brexit Budget

24 Oct, 2018  
NAO: Costly border disorder in the event of no deal

23 Oct, 2018  
‘Hold our nerve’ over Brexit, says British PM