Brexit News

16 Nov, 2018  
Theresa May vows to ‘see it through’

15 Nov, 2018  
Cabinet supports draft Brexit agreement

14 Nov, 2018  
UK and EU reach draft agreement of Brexit deal

07 Nov, 2018  
Brexit business councils set up by PM

05 Nov, 2018  
Investors upbeat about investing in UK post-Brexit

01 Nov, 2018  
The Times: UK and EU strike deal on financial services

29 Oct, 2018  
Chancellor prepares his last pre-Brexit Budget

24 Oct, 2018  
NAO: Costly border disorder in the event of no deal

23 Oct, 2018  
‘Hold our nerve’ over Brexit, says British PM

19 Oct, 2018  
Irish PM stands firm on need for Brexit backstop

18 Oct, 2018  
UK PM losing trust of her cabinet over Brexit

16 Oct, 2018  
UK PM will not give date for leaving the customs union

15 Oct, 2018  
Stand up to EU ‘bullies’, Boris Johnson tells PM

12 Oct, 2018  
UK to benefit from ‘deal dividend’, says Hammond

09 Oct, 2018  
40 Conservative MPs ready to back No Deal Brexit

08 Oct, 2018  
No. 10 talks down upbeat EU rhetoric on Brexit

08 Oct, 2018  
Japan PM: UK would be welcomed into TPP post-Brexit

05 Oct, 2018  
Two-year high for UK bond yields on hope of Brexit deal

04 Oct, 2018  
RBS boss issues Brexit recession warning

02 Oct, 2018  
Moody’s: UK banks ‘resilient’, despite Brexit

01 Oct, 2018  
Raab: UK will leave EU “not just in name”

28 Sep, 2018  
GfK poll shows UK consumers worried about Brexit onset

26 Sep, 2018  
Reuters survey: Brexit won’t cause City exodus

25 Sep, 2018  
Starmer: Labour won’t back May’s Brexit deal

24 Sep, 2018  
UK opposition party support motion for second Brexit referendum

21 Sep, 2018  
EU rejects the UK’s Chequers plan for Brexit

19 Sep, 2018  
PM in German daily: UK and EU close to striking deal

18 Sep, 2018  
Brexit report on UK labour market

17 Sep, 2018  
IMF: No-deal Brexit will impact UK economy

14 Sep, 2018  
Theresa May told to quit after Brexit by key MP

13 Sep, 2018  
Govt to unveil next lot of no-deal Brexit advice papers

11 Sep, 2018  
Post-Brexit hiring issues may shut offshore platforms

10 Sep, 2018  
German foreign minister: no interest in hard Brexit

06 Sep, 2018  
Pound to rise 6% in a year, if there’s a Brexit deal

05 Sep, 2018  
Ex BoE chief says UK heading for “Brexit in name only”

05 Sep, 2018  
Second Brexit vote backed by GMB union

04 Sep, 2018  
Reuters poll: 25% possibility of hard Brexit

03 Sep, 2018  
Davis vows to vote against May’s Brexit plan

31 Aug, 2018  
UK consumers appear unfazed by no-deal Brexit risk

30 Aug, 2018  
Barnier says EU must prepare for no-deal Brexit

29 Aug, 2018  
Brexit deal deadline now unlikely, say sources

28 Aug, 2018  
France prepares for no-deal Brexit

28 Aug, 2018  
PM announces £4bn investment in Africa post-Brexit

23 Aug, 2018  
UK steps up plans in case of no-deal Brexit

22 Aug, 2018  
Raab on Brexit talks: “We must step up the intensity”

22 Aug, 2018  
FCA grants post-Brexit cross-border flexibility

20 Aug, 2018  
All EU citizens can stay in UK in ‘no deal’ Brexit

17 Aug, 2018  
No deal Brexit is 50-50, says Danish Minister

17 Aug, 2018  
Fitch scraps Brexit base case

14 Aug, 2018  
Rees-Mogg to release positive No-Deal blueprint

10 Aug, 2018  
Poll: Voters should make final Brexit decision if talks fail

09 Aug, 2018  
A breakthrough Brexit deal is on the cards

03 Aug, 2018  
IoD: Companies “left in dark” over Brexit

03 Aug, 2018  
UK likely heading for ‘no deal’ Brexit, say business leaders

02 Aug, 2018  
Jeremy Hunt on no-deal Brexit: “This is project reality”

01 Aug, 2018  
Lord Mayor: Brexit effect on City not as bad as feared

27 Jul, 2018  
Barnier: May’s appeals are a “waste of time”

25 Jul, 2018  
Ireland: Brexit deal could be extended beyond deadline

25 Jul, 2018  
Brexit fears lead to fall in manufacturing spending

25 Jul, 2018  
Germany’s Heiko Maas on Brexit: UK needs to get moving

24 Jul, 2018  
Prepare for hard Brexit, banks told by FCA

23 Jul, 2018  
Ryanair concerned about a hard Brexit

23 Jul, 2018  
Raab: Brexit October deal is still possible

23 Jul, 2018  
“Civil unrest” warning by Amazon boss of no-deal Brexit

20 Jul, 2018  
Post-Brexit “settlement scheme” debuts in August

19 Jul, 2018  
Step-up ‘no deal’ Brexit plans, warns EU

18 Jul, 2018  
Brexit’s Vote Leave fined and reported to police

17 Jul, 2018  
May caves to ERG rebels, narrowly avoids Commons defeat

16 Jul, 2018  
May under fire, faces possible no-confidence vote

13 Jul, 2018  
Business groups slam Brexit White Paper

12 Jul, 2018  
UK Brexit focus moves to financial services

12 Jul, 2018  
UK awaits Trump’s “controversial visit” amid Brexit tensions

09 Jul, 2018  
David Davis resigns from Brexit Secretary role

05 Jul, 2018  
May’s plan rejected, deemed “unworkable” by Brexit secretary

05 Jul, 2018  
JLR: Brexit could see loss of £80bn in UK investment

04 Jul, 2018  
ITV: PM to propose “Softest possible Brexit” plan

03 Jul, 2018  
Brexit: tensions arise amid May’s non-viable proposals

03 Jul, 2018  
BCC: Companies ‘running out of patience’ over Brexit

02 Jul, 2018  
Third Brexit customs model devised, reports BBC

29 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: business and consumer confidence in economy falls

28 Jun, 2018  
May heads to Brussels as EU makes plans for hard Brexit

27 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: Urgency called for by business and union leaders

27 Jun, 2018  
KPMG: UK-focused firms struggling since Brexit vote

26 Jun, 2018  
Brexit-fuelled fall in investment in UK car industry

25 Jun, 2018  
EU firms not happy with Brexit as investment falls

21 Jun, 2018  
Home Secretary says EU needs to do more for UK expats

20 Jun, 2018  
Brexit: Rebels back down in Commons vote battle

18 Jun, 2018  
Brexit trade barriers could cost UK households £1k/year