US Presidential News

06 Nov, 2018  
Who will dominate the Texas midterm elections?

06 Nov, 2018  
Midterm elections 2018: what happens if Trump wins?

24 Oct, 2018  
Trump steps up attacks on Fed: “I’m very unhappy”

18 Oct, 2018  
Trump focuses on budget cut after six-year high deficit

06 Sep, 2018  
Trump demands NYT turn over White House critic

31 Aug, 2018  
Trump threatens to quit WTO

24 Aug, 2018  
Trump claims impeachment would crash markets

22 Aug, 2018  
Trump’s ‘worst hour’ as associates charged

07 Aug, 2018  
Gates testifies against former Trump campaign manager

30 Jul, 2018  
Trump threatens Democrats with government “shut down”

25 Jul, 2018  
Trump offers trade-war-affected farmers $12bn aid

23 Jul, 2018  
Trump approval ratings stable, bar certain key issues

23 Jul, 2018  
Trump threatens Iran following Rouhani's speech

20 Jul, 2018  
Trump proposes Putin visits the White House in the fall

20 Jul, 2018  
U.S. president “not happy” about rate hikes

19 Jul, 2018  
Trump backpedals: points finger back at Russia

18 Jul, 2018  
Trump to meet European Commission President in DC

18 Jul, 2018  
Trump: Russia meddled, but “it could be other people”

18 Jul, 2018  
Could Trump’s approval ratings guide trade war activity?

17 Jul, 2018  
Trump backs Moscow, Helsinki performance “shameful”

16 Jul, 2018  
Tensions rise ahead of Trump-Putin summit

13 Jul, 2018  
Trump vaunts “great progress” despite Panmunjom no-show

12 Jul, 2018  
Beijing to retaliate as US imposes further tariffs

11 Jul, 2018  
U.S. heightens trade war with China

10 Jul, 2018  
Germany and China join forces amid US trade war tensions

10 Jul, 2018  
James Quinn: global trade war could increase consumer prices

06 Jul, 2018  
U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports now underway

04 Jul, 2018  
WTO: U.S. car tariffs face opposition from 40 countries

04 Jul, 2018  
Moscow: Hopes for a “better day” ahead of Trump-Putin summit

03 Jul, 2018  
Call for China Mobile ban in U.S. by Trump administration

26 Jun, 2018  
Trump slates Harley-Davidson over tariff move

19 Jun, 2018  
Trump threatens additional tariffs on Chinese goods