Combat Inflation

The cost of inaction is becoming increasingly expensive!

In previous years, low-interest rates have meant the only purpose bank accounts serve is the storing of capital. With inflation around the world skyrocketing to 7.5% (US) & 6.2% (UK), people are at serious risk of inflicting long term damage on their wealth if they fail to take the appropriate steps.

7.5% USD

6.2% GPB


Avoiding taking financial planning action is becoming increasingly expensive. deVere clients are advised to take urgent action to combat the effects of hyperinflation within the developed world.
Adopting a fixed income approach is one strategy deVere clients have available to them. deVere’s structured note range has continued to serve investors well over the past ten years by producing consistent, inflation-beating results.

Learn more about inflation combating fixed-income products by contacting your advisor.

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