Charity Events

The South Africa branch of the deVere Group, one of the World’s Largest Independent Group of Financial Advisers, proudly participated in a charity initiative to provide school children in Africa with shoes.

The Bangkok branch of deVere Group, one of the World's Largest Independent Financial Advisory, has last Friday organised a convoy to take food, water and clothing to some of the worst flood-affected areas and presented a 300,000 BHT cheque to the Red Cross with the remaining of the funds.

The Ball's major sponsor for the third consecutive year was the deVere Group, one of the World's Largest Independent Financial Advisory. "As a responsible global finance brand and an influential employer in Switzerland with offices in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Berne, the deVere Group once gain felt compelled to form a partnership with The Geneva Charity Ball, as it allows us to champion the needs of those lessfortunate in our local community and around the world"

In February 2011, deVere CEO Nigel Green, together with his team, ran the 2011 Malta Marathon, raising over £72,000 for four international charities including Guillaine-Barre Syndrome Support Group and Combat Stress.