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One of deVere Group's foremost priorities is to encourage and make a positive difference to the people around us - from our clients and our employees to stakeholders, affiliates of the deVere Group, as well as the global community at large.

In recent years, deVere Group has hosted and participated in a number of fundraisers all over the world. Some notable philanthropic events include 2009's Annual Geneva Children in Need Charity Ball, 2010's South Pole Expedition by Chris Foot, the 2011 Malta Half-Marathon, 2012's sponsorship of the Cure Parkinson's Trust marathon athlete Alex Flynn, 2013's Bike Ride in aid of UniSun Athletic in Carlisle, the 2014 Charity Ball in aid of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, the construction of a house for a family in need in Thailand and most recently, the donation of 100 "buckets of love" to St Anne's Homes in Cape Town.

More information about deVere Group's charity work can be found in the Press Releases section of the website.


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