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Charity Press Releases

18 Oct, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 25.00% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

18 Oct, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 24.80% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

17 Oct, 2017  -Major geopolitical fears fuel demand for multi-currency accounts

16 Oct, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 13.00% as UBS 5y Income Autocallable 3 Note Matures

16 Oct, 2017  -Monarch’s collapse is a red flag for pension savers

10 Oct, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 11.25% as Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Autocallable Income Note Matures

06 Oct, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 35.40% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures.

04 Oct, 2017  -deVere launches investment app as it further expands into fintech

03 Oct, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 31.65% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 2 Note Matures

02 Oct, 2017  -Aftermath of the Catalan chaos will be crucial for investors

25 Sep, 2017  -Breakthrough global e-money app adds another 22 currency wallets

20 Sep, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 40.00% as GS EM Autocallable 19 Note Matures

20 Sep, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 26.00% as GS US, Europe and HK Autocallable 30 Note Matures

31 Aug, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 31.50% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

31 Aug, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 30.30% as GS US, Europe and HK Autocallable 19 Note Matures

16 Aug, 2017  -deVere opens first ever office in Austria as it continues European expansion

11 Aug, 2017  -Tensions between N Korea and the US is a timely warning for investors

09 Aug, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 30.00% as GS Developed Markets Autocallable 14 Note Matures

03 Aug, 2017  -deVere re-opens offices in Madrid

02 Aug, 2017  -deVere wins Financial Advisory Firm of the Year at 2017 Business Excellence Awards

27 Jul, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 12.00% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 6 Note Matures

25 Jul, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 23.00% as Morgan Stanley Defensive Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

25 Jul, 2017  -What investors need to learn from Germany's stock market crash

25 Jul, 2017  -Scrapping SA expats’ tax exemption is unjust, discriminatory and regressive

24 Jul, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 29.70% as GS Developed Markets Autocallable 13 Note Matures

18 Jul, 2017  -Banks are failing their customers with 'scandalous' overseas charges

18 Jul, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 12.00% as UBS Income Autocallable 11 Note Matures

10 Jul, 2017  -deVere boss sells last STM shares to focus on fintech

06 Jul, 2017  -Eurozone equity rally remains on – but ECB set to change monetary policy's direction of travel

29 Jun, 2017  -deVere Group to offer ultra low-cost financial solutions

27 Jun, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 22.55% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 Indices Note Matures

09 Jun, 2017  -Expect election-induced mayhem across financial markets, warns deVere CEO

06 Jun, 2017  -How will the financial markets react to the UK election result? Four different scenarios

05 Jun, 2017  -9 out of 10 Brits have unrealistic expectations of retirement costs

01 Jun, 2017  -Trump must abolish citizen-based taxation – one of the worst tax regimes in the world

30 May, 2017  -40,000+ downloads of e-money app deVere Vault by end of 2017

25 May, 2017  -deVere to “extensively develop” in Europe; James Green, new Head of the region

23 May, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 11.00% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 4 Note Matures

22 May, 2017  -President Trump is the single biggest threat to investors’ portfolios

18 May, 2017  -deVere clients to receive full capital back as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable on 3 EM Note Matures

11 May, 2017  -Uptick in mortgage enquiries despite stamp duty increase

09 May, 2017  -3.5m Brits living abroad vow never to return to the UK

09 May, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 12.00% as UBS Developed Markets Autocallable 5 Note Matures

03 May, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 14.00% as UBS US Europe HK Autocallable 1 Note Matures

18 Apr, 2017  -Mauritius to become southern hemisphere’s number one financial centre within a decade

10 Apr, 2017  -deVere Group to shake-up banking sector with e-money app: deVere Vault

05 Apr, 2017  -Mark Meadows and Rand Paul Letter to White House and Treasury is a “Landmark Moment,” Says deVere CEO

28 Mar, 2017  -deVere’s Nigel Green: The pros and cons of the world adopting versions of the UK’s RDR model

23 Mar, 2017  -Article 50 countdown: Investors need to prepare NOW for 3 key issues

22 Mar, 2017  -deVere's Campaign to Repeal FATCA and the Center for Freedom and Prosperity lead coalition of 23 groups calling on Congress to prioritize FATCA Repeal

20 Mar, 2017  -1.5 Americans in Asia could face gut-wrenching ‘citizide’ decision

16 Mar, 2017  -The Fed’s rate rise: Three questions investors need to ask themselves NOW

15 Mar, 2017  -deVere Acuma wins Best Financial Advisory Firm 2017 – Middle East Award

15 Mar, 2017  -Hammond's U-turn demonstrates an out of touch govt, but is a golden opportunity

14 Mar, 2017  -deVere Group named as ‘Best Independent Global Financial Advisory Firm 2017’

08 Mar, 2017  -Hammond’s Budget punishes ambition, undermines aspiration and will backfire on Brexit Britain

06 Mar, 2017  -deVere Group receives investment banking licence

01 Mar, 2017  -Trump’s joint address: Investors should look over lack of detail

28 Feb, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 13.30% as Goldman Sachs Developed Markets Autocallable 23 Note Matures

27 Feb, 2017  -The Campaign to Repeal FATCA, America’s toxic global tax law, has now stepped into high gear

17 Feb, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 10% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable (EUR) 22 Note Matures

09 Feb, 2017  -deVere clients to receive up to 12.75% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable 22 Note Matures

09 Feb, 2017  -More travel complications from U.S. authorities: IRS to revoke Americans’ passports for unpaid taxes

08 Feb, 2017  -Nigel Green Launches Campaign to Repeal Obama-Era FATCA Law

02 Feb, 2017  -deVere’s Investment Strategist features on South Africa’s two biggest radio stations

01 Feb, 2017  -Furore over Trump administration's currency exploitation rhetoric is 'naive' and 'hypocritical'

24 Jan, 2017  -deVere CEO, Nigel Green, named on LinkedIn’s UAE Power Profile list

23 Jan, 2017  -deVere Group launches its own private bank

23 Jan, 2017  -Expect market volatility in Trump’s first 100 days

17 Jan, 2017  -Hard Brexit and strong inflation data: Now is the time to ‘go more global'

13 Jan, 2017  -Savers, investors and expats: Now is the time to prepare for a hard Brexit

10 Jan, 2017  -80% of workers not saving enough for retirement

05 Jan, 2017  -Article 50 countdown drives rush to transfer UK pensions overseas

04 Jan, 2017  -Top three risks in 2017 for investors: The Fed, elections in the EU, oil price impact

15 Dec, 2016  -The Fed’s ‘significant’ rate rise – but investors don’t need to accept lower returns

13 Dec, 2016  -Weakened sterling and likely rate rise prompt mortgages enquiries to soar by 45%

13 Dec, 2016  -deVere clients to receive up to 32.25% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable 8 Note Matures

12 Dec, 2016  -deVere clients to receive up to 15.80% as UBS EM Autocallable 2 Note Matures

12 Dec, 2016  -deVere Group to open first New Zealand offices in January

07 Dec, 2016  -Why Americans abroad want Trump to act on FATCA

06 Dec, 2016  -Are financial markets responding prematurely to a US interest rate hike?

02 Dec, 2016  -deVere boss commends overseas pensions tax plans

02 Dec, 2016  -deVere boss supports government rule changes on overseas pension transfers

02 Dec, 2016  -SURVEY: Hong Kong and Shanghai business leaders are positive about Trump presidency

02 Dec, 2016  -Michael Coady steps down as MD of deVere United Kingdom

22 Nov, 2016  -Beware of the rise in U.S. bond yields, investors warned

21 Nov, 2016  -Trump must ‘show backbone’ and repeal Obama’s imperialistic global tax law

14 Nov, 2016  -Investors can ‘seriously build wealth’ in this wave of anti-globalisation

10 Nov, 2016  -Are the financial markets being ‘short-sighted’ over Trump’s victory?

09 Nov, 2016  -Investors and HNW individuals poised to capitalize on Trump victory

09 Nov, 2016  -Trump victory: Buckle up for a bumpy ride, but expect financial opportunities

09 Nov, 2016  -Global markets “shaken up”

08 Nov, 2016  -A Trump win would create a ‘double whammy negative impact’ in the markets

03 Nov, 2016  -Trump’s lead on Clinton: don’t overreact to jittery markets, investors urged

31 Oct, 2016  -Pound’s turmoil could push pension pots worth hundreds of millions overseas

26 Oct, 2016  -deVere wins Corporate Responsibility Award 2016

20 Oct, 2016  -New public financial guidance service must be more explicit about pension freedom disadvantages

11 Oct, 2016  -deVere Mortgages partners with Al Rayan Bank to offer Sharia compliant home finance

10 Oct, 2016  -The pound is pounded but investors urged to avoid knee-jerk reactions

04 Oct, 2016  -UK government should allow local advice for overseas pension transfers

04 Oct, 2016  -Investors to dump UK assets ahead of Brexit talks

27 Sep, 2016  -Clinton or Trump: either way Americans need to review their money plans

26 Sep, 2016  -Countdown is on to Barcelona’s extravagant deVere Spain Charity Ball

19 Sep, 2016  -Revealed: the top investment strategies of high net worth individuals

02 Sep, 2016  -Israeli High Court’s FATCA Injunction Must Make Other Countries Rethink America’s Imperialistic Law

30 Aug, 2016  -Firms advised “to do more” at Cape Town’s most extravagant charity event

24 Aug, 2016  -Interest rate cut leads to 55% rise in mortgage enquiries

23 Aug, 2016  -Many Investors Are Uneasy, But They Can Still Grow Wealth with These Two Rules

17 Aug, 2016  -Treasury Plan to Fine Financial Advisers Is Ill-Conceived

16 Aug, 2016  -Inflation rise adds to the mayhem brewing for Britain’s Brexit-battered pensions

16 Aug, 2016  -Money is still the biggest conversation taboo for high net worth individuals - but this is changing

11 Aug, 2016  -Goldilocks Is a Warning Sign That Investors Need to Act

10 Aug, 2016  -deVere United Kingdom Shortlisted for National IFA of the Year

08 Aug, 2016  -Bank of England’s Move is A Hammer Blow for Troubled EU

05 Aug, 2016  -Why the Bank of England’s measures damage pensions, pension funds and the economy

04 Aug, 2016  -Bank of England delivers another hammer blow for pensioners and savers

01 Aug, 2016  -deVere USA announces further ‘hub office’ in Miami

27 Jul, 2016  -PM May must be careful not to tarnish offshore financial services reputation

20 Jul, 2016  -Brexit has generated 50% surge in mortgage enquiries

19 Jul, 2016  -deVere United Kingdom wins Chartered Financial Planner award

15 Jul, 2016  -We’ll Grow to Meet Demand in Hong Kong Says Nigel Green

14 Jul, 2016  -‘Significant volatility’ is the new normal – Nigel Green

12 Jul, 2016  -Think twice about overexposure to US markets, warns head of deVere USA

11 Jul, 2016  -Leadsom candidature withdrawal to boost financial markets

11 Jul, 2016  -Post-Brexit pensions at all-time risk

30 Jun, 2016  -Adoption of The Rand Will Encourage Foreign Investment

28 Jun, 2016  -Brexit to Fuel Demand for UK Pensions to Leave Britain

27 Jun, 2016  -Three things investors should do following Brexit bombshell

24 Jun, 2016  -Investors to capitalise on the Brexit-battered pound

24 Jun, 2016  -Britain files for divorce from EU

22 Jun, 2016  -Financial markets have already priced in a vote ‘Remain', but what if they are wrong?

20 Jun, 2016  -Investors to capitalise on post-Brexit opportunities... whatever the result

07 Jun, 2016  -Complacent savers should learn from BHS and Tata Steel pensions crises

02 Jun, 2016  -The top cities for graduates seeking a career in finance

31 May, 2016  -People are ‘sleepwalking’ into LTA tax charges on pensions

18 May, 2016  -The top investment mistakes by high-net-worth individuals

13 May, 2016  -deVere wins at 2016 Business Excellence Awards

12 May, 2016  -The Economic and Moral Case for Tax Havens

04 May, 2016  -Investors should ‘Brexit-proof’ portfolios

20 Apr, 2016  -68% of British expats are worried about a Brexit

19 Apr, 2016  -Global investors should ignore tanking oil prices and remain positive

19 Apr, 2016  -35% of US citizens overseas likely to botch tax return

15 Apr, 2016  -Should we expect another downward lurch in global stock markets?

08 Apr, 2016  -Tax havens are cog in global economy, say defenders

07 Apr, 2016  -Offshore industry can benefit from Panama-style financial privacy

05 Apr, 2016  -Panama Papers not representative of offshore finance

01 Apr, 2016  -Brexit and The Fed to drive investors towards dollar

10 Mar, 2016  -ECB decision: investors to expand portfolios

08 Mar, 2016  -Workers unrealistic about the pensions savings needed

02 Mar, 2016  -Possible Brexit drives demand for mortgages

25 Feb, 2016  -Use the current market volatility to your advantage

24 Feb, 2016  -deVere Apprenticeship Programme unlocks new talent

17 Feb, 2016  -Trump must show clarity in his economic agenda

15 Feb, 2016  -Oil price panic playing into investors’ hands

09 Feb, 2016  -Don’t feel forced by Uncle Sam to give up citizenship

04 Feb, 2016  -75% of high-net-worth individuals plan to invest more in 2016

03 Feb, 2016  -Gulf-based buyers piling into UK property

28 Jan, 2016  -Oil slump to boost demand for financial advice in UK

28 Jan, 2016  -Pound, Euro and Yen make gains on Dollar after Fed talk

21 Jan, 2016  -Tips for investors as FTSE 100 enters bear market

20 Jan, 2016  -China’s weak figures should offer comfort to investors

20 Jan, 2016  -Mortgage market to be driven by rigid interest rates

11 Jan, 2016  -deVere UK looking to up business by 50%

08 Jan, 2016  -China’s seesawing stock market could be beneficial

06 Jan, 2016  -Trump’s comments are "damaging brand U.S.A”

04 Jan, 2016  -Millionaires’ top 3 financial resolutions for 2016

04 Jan, 2016  -Positive prospects for investors despite volatile 2016

15 Dec, 2015  -Beware Trumponomics, warns financial advisory giant

14 Dec, 2015  -Investors warned of more market volatility in 2016

09 Dec, 2015  -Trump’s controversial comments could cause volatility

07 Dec, 2015  -The Great Divergence - investors should think global

02 Dec, 2015  -Generation Rent won’t gain from Osborne’s clampdown

30 Nov, 2015  -Investors should be optimistic, says Nigel Green

26 Nov, 2015  -Tax relief on pensions – extended window of opportunity

20 Nov, 2015  -American expats need to sort out financial affairs

18 Nov, 2015  -More needs to be done for Help to Buy ISA scheme

17 Nov, 2015  -Be “Fed-ready” ahead of likely interest rates hike

09 Nov, 2015  -FATCA is a masterclass in fiscal imperialism

06 Nov, 2015  -Top earners, act now on Osborne’s pension tax plans

30 Oct, 2015  -deVere clients receive 11%. Morgan Stanley Note matures

08 Nov, 2007  -deVere & Partners appoints Standard & Poor’s Fund Services as provider of independent fund research services

09 Feb, 2007  -deVere & Partners and Deutsche Bank Further Extend Strategic Agreement

22 Nov, 2006  -deVere & Partners and Deutsche Bank Forge Strategic Agreement