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Charity Press Releases

10 Aug, 2020  -President-proof your wealth, investors warned

04 Aug, 2020  -Higher earners concerned about tax hikes and relief cuts

30 Jul, 2020  -The Fed’s tone drives investors to top-up portfolios

28 Jul, 2020  -Brexit-worried Brits move to buy the weak dollar

27 Jul, 2020  -Bitcoin price to surge in tandem with gold on U.S.-China tensions

21 Jul, 2020  -56% of investors say sustainable investments (ESG) are a new safe-haven

16 Jul, 2020  -One-third of UK expats ‘shore-up’ finances ahead of Brexit

13 Jul, 2020  -The perfect storm brewing for company pensions

09 Jul, 2020  -Soon-to-be Scrooge Sunak’s Summer Statement will spook higher earners

02 Jul, 2020  -China, Covid, Trump and Brexit: Investors’ top concerns for the second half of 2020

24 Jun, 2020  -More stimulus on the way? Investors bolster portfolios

22 Jun, 2020  -Pent-up desire for holidays drives spike in demand for multi-currency cards

18 Jun, 2020  -Trump’s reported Bitcoin instruction shows he is out of touch: deVere CEO

17 Jun, 2020  -deVere launches pioneering identity verification app amid soaring fintech demand

16 Jun, 2020  -Investors buoyed by extra U.S. stimulus to support recovery

15 Jun, 2020  -No-deal Brexit fears trigger investors to seek international options

11 Jun, 2020  -The Fed’s commitment: Investors will move to top-up portfolios

09 Jun, 2020  -26% of clients now seek responsible ESG investments: deVere

08 Jun, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 52% as Goldman Sachs Def Auto Note 8 matures

05 Jun, 2020  -Why Bitcoin is likely to soar in value: deVere CEO

02 Jun, 2020  -Investors could be hit by uneven stock markets

01 Jun, 2020  -Millions of expats urged to get finances ‘Brexit ready’

29 May, 2020  -Higher earners’ mull options as tax hikes and slashed perks loom

26 May, 2020  -Stock markets are unbalanced, investors warned

26 May, 2020  -62% of Brits living abroad vow never to return to UK

19 May, 2020  -Pound could drop even further - to $1.18 - in June: deVere CEO

18 May, 2020  -Tech and ESG are the "investment megatrends of the decade": deVere CEO

15 May, 2020  -Expats hit with tax planning complications due to lockdowns

13 May, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 53.2% as GS Def Auto 7 Note Matures

13 May, 2020  -Global advisory giant to launch major digital finance operation in Dubai

12 May, 2020  -Negative interest rates are coming, investors taking action: deVere CEO

11 May, 2020  -Bitcoin halving highlights crypto is part of mainstream finance: deVere CEO

08 May, 2020  -Are rallying stock markets out of step with economic reality?

07 May, 2020  -Demand for financial advice surges 24% as priorities shift in new era

06 May, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 57% as Goldman Sachs Auto 6 Note matures

30 Apr, 2020  -Bitcoin’s coming of age? May’s historic halving taking place in a new era

30 Apr, 2020  -V-shaped economic revival, fuelled by FOMO

29 Apr, 2020  -Over-action or inaction – both could hit your wealth, warns deVere CEO

24 Apr, 2020  -Why responsible and sustainable (ESG) investing is now mainstream: deVere CEO

23 Apr, 2020  -Current fintech surge to further disrupt traditional bank sector

20 Apr, 2020  -Three investment reasons to be cheerful amid the economic upheaval

15 Apr, 2020  -UK final salary pensions are in the eye of a storm as deficits jump another £10bn

14 Apr, 2020  -Stocks are ‘on fire’ – but a second coronavirus wave isn’t priced in

14 Apr, 2020  -Investors urged to monitor other major headwinds – not just coronavirus

09 Apr, 2020  -Why employers should provide access to financial advice now

07 Apr, 2020  -Bitcoin’s price to be boosted by May’s 'halving' – but other issues will have more impact

06 Apr, 2020  -Coronavirus prompts growing number to re-evaluate their savings

03 Apr, 2020  -‘Alarming’ number still need to coronavirus-proof their finances

01 Apr, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 17% as Commerzbank High Return Autocallable Note Matures

01 Apr, 2020  -Coronavirus: global economy could be in recovery mode within SIX MONTHS - but on two conditions

31 Mar, 2020  -Demand for wills up 76%: Coronavirus 'collectively focuses minds'

30 Mar, 2020  -Coronavirus lockdown: Massive surge in the use of fintech apps

27 Mar, 2020  -Coronavirus pandemic will drive responsible (ESG) investing ‘skywards’

25 Mar, 2020  -Covid-19 – not Brexit – to deliver bloodiest nose to the pound

24 Mar, 2020  -Investors seeking positive opportunities amid coronavirus gloom

23 Mar, 2020  -Global financial markets to use China’s recovery as a critical gauge

20 Mar, 2020  -Bitcoin’s sharp recovery to take price beyond $7,000 in next week: deVere CEO

18 Mar, 2020  -UK’s economic response to Covid-19 might need a ‘rethink’

17 Mar, 2020  -deVere launches Contactless Advice service amid coronavirus outbreak

16 Mar, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 60.75% as GS Defensive Autocall 5 matures

16 Mar, 2020  -Coronavirus-triggered recession will change how we live, do business and invest

10 Mar, 2020  -Markets rebound on stimulus hopes, expected to recover by year end: deVere CEO

09 Mar, 2020  -Oil price war and coronavirus: global recession is almost inevitable

06 Mar, 2020  -Coronavirus-fuelled short recession risk, investors urged to take action

05 Mar, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 19% as UBS High Return Autocall with Memory matures

05 Mar, 2020  -New era of negative rates looming? Investors move to top-up portfolios

03 Mar, 2020  -Investors eye opportunities as central banks discuss coronavirus action

28 Feb, 2020  -Global sell-off could be seen by investors as best buying opportunity in a decade

26 Feb, 2020  -Coronavirus could push the world to the brink of a global recession, investors warned

25 Feb, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 59% as MS Defensive Autocallable Notes on 3 Underlyings matures

24 Feb, 2020  -Coronavirus-triggered market correction could hit complacent investors

19 Feb, 2020  -Bloomberg’s cryptocurrency policy puts him on the right side of financial history

18 Feb, 2020  -Responsible and sustainable investing the ‘new norm in less than five years’

12 Feb, 2020  -Bitcoin’s price jumps to $10,300 – what’s the REAL driving force of the rally?

06 Feb, 2020  -Coronavirus: Markets rally – is it growing bubble or knee-jerk reaction?

05 Feb, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 24% as Commerzbank Developed Markets Low Hurdle Autocall 03 matures

03 Feb, 2020  -Bitcoin price likely to rise until coronavirus peaks

03 Feb, 2020  -deVere clients to receive up to 13% as Commerzbank Developed Markets Autocall matures

30 Jan, 2020  -BoE DECISION: Pound up, FTSE down - but sit tight and wait for Budget, investors warned

29 Jan, 2020  -Markets will be rattled if witnesses called for Trump impeachment trial

27 Jan, 2020  -Coronavirus: investors should avoid knee-jerk reactions

22 Jan, 2020  -Markets DISMISS Trump impeachment – but monitor China trade relations and Coronavirus

21 Jan, 2020  -Davos 2020: Greta Thunberg is saving the planet AND reshaping the global investment industry

21 Jan, 2020  -Davos 2020: delegates at World Economic Forum urged to commit to fintech

20 Jan, 2020  -deVere Acuma appoints John McKellar as new General Manager for UAE

17 Jan, 2020  -More than £2.85bn languishes in Swiss pension accounts – is some of it yours?

13 Jan, 2020  -Pound slump and BoE rate cut hints could drive demand for overseas assets

08 Jan, 2020  -Markets roil on Iran attack: Investors urged to be cautious and consistent

08 Jan, 2020  -deVere Europe backs Rainbow Trust in new charity alliance

06 Jan, 2020  -Bitcoin price to surge amid heightening geopolitical tensions

02 Jan, 2020  -8 out of 10 millennials now prioritise responsible investing – and they’re right

17 Dec, 2019  -Boris Johnson could spook financial markets in 2020, investors cautioned

13 Dec, 2019  -TWO things Boris Johnson must do now to recover investment and confidence

13 Dec, 2019  -Boris Johnson victory: Christmas has come early for the pound, economy and UK financial assets

09 Dec, 2019  -Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans mean short-term gain, long-term pain for the pound

05 Dec, 2019  -deVere Clients to receive up to 11.50% as Commerzbank Autocallable Note matures

03 Dec, 2019  -The pound will drop to $1.20 if election delivers hung parliament

27 Nov, 2019  -Crypto haters’ Bitcoin cynicism is placing them on the wrong side of history

11 Nov, 2019  -Pound boost as hung parliament and Corbyn risks reduce on Farage-Johnson pact

08 Nov, 2019  -Trade War: China wants Trump re-elected in 2020 for its economic agenda – here’s why

06 Nov, 2019  -Corbyn as Prime Minister would trigger an exodus of wealth

05 Nov, 2019  -Disastrous no-deal remains legal default: 1.8m expats urged to register to vote now

04 Nov, 2019  - The growing movement of people fuels demand for international tax advice

31 Oct, 2019  -1.8m British expats in EU should register now to vote in the UK’s general election: deVere CEO

30 Oct, 2019  -deVere clients to receive up to 25% as Commerzbank Developed Markets Low Hurdle Autocall Matures

29 Oct, 2019  -Election 2019: Expect the pound and UK financial assets to be increasingly volatile

28 Oct, 2019  -Will Bitcoin hit $12,000 by the end of the year?

25 Oct, 2019  -Corbyn’s election rejection means MORE strife for the pound and UK economy

23 Oct, 2019  -UK’s most uncertain election looms: TWO REASONS why you need to election-proof your finances now

22 Oct, 2019  -Brexit: Speaker’s refusal won’t hit pound but inflicts more uncertainty on business and economy

17 Oct, 2019  -Pound to hit $1.35 and UK financial assets to rally if new Brexit deal is approved

17 Oct, 2019  -deVere wins FOUR awards at the industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony

10 Oct, 2019  -Stock markets and pound relief over last-ditch bid for Brexit deal

08 Oct, 2019  -BREXIT: Boris must seize on Germany’s recession to convince EU leaders to gratify demands

03 Oct, 2019  -The EU and banks are falling behind in the global fintech race: deVere CEO

27 Sep, 2019  -Boris’ secret Brexit plans: Time to hard-Brexit proof investments

27 Sep, 2019  -Pension tax charge figures show the government's raids on retirement savings

19 Sep, 2019  -No-deal Brexit could hit pensions, insurance and healthcare of 1.3m Brits in EU

18 Sep, 2019  -A divided U.S. Fed means that investors need to stay fully diversified

17 Sep, 2019  -Boris Johnson’s gamble: Millions of expats’ futures in the EU and UK hang in the balance

16 Sep, 2019  -Bitcoin will get a healthy price boost from the Fed this week: deVere CEO

09 Sep, 2019  -Johnson must put his ego aside for the sake of UK economic growth

06 Sep, 2019  -UK election looms: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn BOTH pose serious threats to the economy

04 Sep, 2019  -The pound will rebound short-term but remains vulnerable and volatile

02 Sep, 2019  -Boris Johnson's poker playing puts the UK economy at stake

28 Aug, 2019  -Pound nosedives, a recession looming – now is the time to protect your assets

28 Aug, 2019  -Johnson’s move to suspend parliament will hit UK economy and pound

26 Aug, 2019  -Bitcoin’s new normal bottom is $10,000: deVere CEO

25 Aug, 2019  -Warning for investors: Hopes for a Brexit deal are offset by escalating trade war

23 Aug, 2019  -Savvy investors will use the U.S.-China trade war to build wealth

22 Aug, 2019  -Johnson’s Brexit strategy appears to be working - but only due to EU economic headwinds

14 Aug, 2019  -HMRC’s action on Bitcoin shows cryptocurrencies are the future of money

13 Aug, 2019  -6 out of 10 seek to move assets from UK amid brewing of perfect storm

09 Aug, 2019  -Investors to move assets out of UK as economy ‘stumbles towards abyss’

06 Aug, 2019  -deVere clients to receive up to 13% as Commerzbank World Indices Classic Auto Note Matures

06 Aug, 2019  -Bitcoin to hit $15,000 as consensus grows on safe-haven status

05 Aug, 2019  -China’s currency fall panics global markets – what should investors do?

01 Aug, 2019  -Markets are rocked by Federal Reserve – but the Chair made the right call

01 Aug, 2019  -Fed’s first interest rate cut in a decade: the winners and losers

30 Jul, 2019  -More pain for the pound under BOTH Boris Johnson AND Jeremy Corbyn

29 Jul, 2019  -Brexit and Boris-battered pound hits British holidaymakers and expats

29 Jul, 2019  -deVere clients to receive up to 11.5% as Morgan Stanley Autocallable 5 Note Matures

25 Jul, 2019  -Investors need to watch Boris Johnson carefully, warns deVere CEO

23 Jul, 2019  -Boris Johnson’s clarity will set direction for the pound, the markets and business

19 Jul, 2019  -Investors continue to pile into cryptocurrencies – despite U.S. lawmakers’ out-dated and negligent approach

16 Jul, 2019  -Facebook’s Congress hearings show U.S. lawmakers know cryptocurrencies are the future

12 Jul, 2019  -Trump is wrong on Bitcoin and placing himself on the wrong side of history

10 Jul, 2019  -Wealthy seek to Corbyn-proof finances as Labour moves towards Remain

09 Jul, 2019  -Cryptocurrencies should help boost Brexit Britain’s beleaguered financial services

03 Jul, 2019  -Christine Lagarde’s ECB appointment would benefit markets: deVere CEO

03 Jul, 2019  -Fintech is the ‘new normal’: 55% of us are regular users

02 Jul, 2019  -deVere celebrates 10 years in Botswana

26 Jun, 2019  -Failure of G20 leaders not to embrace cryptocurrency regulation would be negligent

21 Jun, 2019  -What Facebook’s Libra tells us: traditional banking is finished and cryptocurrencies are mainstream

19 Jun, 2019  -The pound and UK assets could fall further on PM candidates’ lack of a plan

18 Jun, 2019  -Boris and Brexit could boost Bitcoin

13 Jun, 2019  -The next Bitcoin run is imminent: deVere CEO

12 Jun, 2019  -Asset prices and the pound will fall on a Boris Johnson general election victory

10 Jun, 2019  -Boris Johnson’s tax ‘plan’ is half-baked: deVere CEO

06 Jun, 2019  -Already weak pound will fall further if Boris Johnson is PM: deVere CEO

05 Jun, 2019  -Perfect storm for holidaymakers’ cash: Brexit and bank charges

03 Jun, 2019  -Trump’s tea with Queen? His multi-front trade wars are more controversial

30 May, 2019  -Brexit Britain’s three Lost Years won’t end on Halloween

28 May, 2019  -Corbyn’s second Brexit referendum shift could spook markets

24 May, 2019  -Investors urged to Trexit-proof their wealth

22 May, 2019  -Conservative leadership poses risks and opportunities for investors

21 May, 2019  -European elections? It’s what comes NEXT that matters for the pound

20 May, 2019  -China’s looming current account deficit will have consequences for us all

16 May, 2019  -Britain’s rich mull moving their wealth abroad over Corbyn fears

03 May, 2019  -New survey: Wealthy look to increase cryptocurrency exposure

01 May, 2019  -20% of investors seek advice on moving UK financial assets overseas

29 Apr, 2019  -Sweeping changes to overseas pension rules to impact tens of thousands of retirees

24 Apr, 2019  -deVere clients to receive up to 63.75% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable 3 Note Matures

23 Apr, 2019  -Bitcoin to test crucial $6,000 level, setting the market’s direction for 2019

16 Apr, 2019  -People’s Vote will reduce the Brexit uncertainty blighting business

11 Apr, 2019  -deVere Group names new Global Head of Fintech

11 Apr, 2019  -deVere appoints Richard Glenn to newly created Group CFO role

09 Apr, 2019  -Financial advisory giant expands graduate programme by 25% due to demand

05 Apr, 2019  -£100m invested into deVere’s dVAM in eight weeks

04 Apr, 2019  -Brexit: Business will welcome cross-party leadership, but not an election

02 Apr, 2019  -Bitcoin jumps 20% and could hit $7,000 within months

29 Mar, 2019  -Brexit vote: The UK’s economic future is really now in the hands of Theresa May’s successor

18 Mar, 2019  -Whatever happens now, Brexit has inflicted serious damage on UK financial services

14 Mar, 2019  -Pound to rally on third parliamentary Brexit vote

13 Mar, 2019  -Only another vote can fix omnishambles Brexit, warns deVere boss

12 Mar, 2019  -deVere CEO: A second Brexit vote is the only credible solution to end gridlock

04 Mar, 2019  -deVere-backed sled helps Britain secure fourth at bobsleigh world championships

28 Feb, 2019  -deVere CEO acquires UAE wealth adviser, Credence International

26 Feb, 2019  -45% jump in enquiries for second passports – the ultimate luxury item for HNW individuals

14 Feb, 2019  -deVere acquires UAE-based wealth adviser, Prosperity

11 Feb, 2019  -What are the three key drivers for Bitcoin’s price rebound?

06 Feb, 2019  -deVere CEO: Markets will be ‘unmoved’ by Trump’s State of the Union

25 Jan, 2019  -deVere Acuma runners smash Dubai Marathon to sponsor 20 orphans

25 Jan, 2019  -Michael Owen inspires runners to smash Dubai Marathon for Manchester Eye Hospital

23 Jan, 2019  -deVere opens new office in Mallorca to serve international yacht crews

17 Jan, 2019  -May’s latest win to boost the pound, FTSE and UK financial assets

16 Jan, 2019  -Brexit vote: Pound and market to knee-jerk react before rebounding

14 Jan, 2019  -Revealed: Which generation saves most for their retirement?

04 Jan, 2019  -Institutional capital to ‘considerably expand’ crypto market in 2019

04 Dec, 2018  -deVere launches range of investment solutions under new division, dVAM

27 Nov, 2018  -Growing number of British expats consider quitting Spain

20 Nov, 2018  -Cryptocurrencies prices take a hit – here’s why it’s a buyers' market

20 Nov, 2018  -deVere clients to receive up to 60% as Goldman Sachs Autocallable 2 Note Matures

15 Nov, 2018  -Algorithm technology helps protect investors from battered Bitcoin

14 Nov, 2018  -Investors warning: We won’t know if the Brexit deal is good, bad or ugly for another 10 years

13 Nov, 2018  -Sterling-based investors and UK expats are spooked on pound’s Brexit blues

07 Nov, 2018  -New winners and losers: Markets will rally on midterms -- albeit briefly

06 Nov, 2018  -deVere CEO: Expo2020 to drive Dubai's growth over official estimate

01 Nov, 2018  -deVere launches actively managed cryptocurrency solution as Bitcoin turns 10

30 Oct, 2018  -Cryptocurrencies ‘come of age’ as Bitcoin turns 10 and UK Taskforce publishes report

24 Oct, 2018  -Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary: its dominance will decline, but crypto market will rise by 5000%

23 Oct, 2018  -deVere clients to receive up to 62.5% as Morgan Stanley 5y Autocallable Defensive Note Matures

11 Oct, 2018  -Global market sell-off: review portfolios and look out for opportunities

10 Oct, 2018  -Banks’ massive IT failures drive consumers to switch to alternatives

05 Oct, 2018  -Nigel Green and James Green both win at biggest industry awards

01 Oct, 2018  -deVere CEO ahead of Malta summit: FOMO will drive Bitcoin higher this year

25 Sep, 2018  -deVere CEO: Ripple XRP to hit key $1.00 threshold as usage soars

19 Sep, 2018  -UK Treasury’s ‘proactive’ approach to cryptocurrencies welcomed by deVere

17 Sep, 2018  -UAE’s new expat laws could make it top ten world financial hub in a decade

13 Sep, 2018  -deVere Crypto adds two new cryptocurrencies – in the current bear market

05 Sep, 2018  -Britain’s retirees warned about Hammond’s likely pension raid

30 Aug, 2018  -1.8m expats urged to ‘no deal Brexit’ proof their finances

27 Aug, 2018  -deVere CEO: Bitcoin’s sell-off was simply standard market correction

23 Aug, 2018  -deVere launches new investment app, deVere Core

22 Aug, 2018  -deVere clients to receive up to 72.5% as MS Defensive Autocallable Income Note Matures

22 Aug, 2018  -deVere CEO: The U.S. economy could be heading for a Fed-induced hangover

20 Aug, 2018  -deVere clients to receive up to 15% as GS EM Autocallable Income Note Matures

08 Nov, 2007  -deVere & Partners appoints Standard & Poor’s Fund Services as provider of independent fund research services

09 Feb, 2007  -deVere & Partners and Deutsche Bank Further Extend Strategic Agreement

22 Nov, 2006  -deVere & Partners and Deutsche Bank Forge Strategic Agreement