Is Boeing too big to fail? 

Airplane at the International Airport

American aerospace giant Boeing has seen its stock price plummet almost by half in the last five years. The fall was precipitated by the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disaster, a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft which in 2019 nosedived into the ground, resulting in the deaths of all 157 people aboard. The National Transportation Safety Board reportedly concluded the crash […]

Meme Stocks Madness: How Viral Shares are Shaking up Wall Street

Digital tablet with stock market data

GameStop (GME) is an American brick-and-mortar video game retailer. In the digital age, when video games can be readily downloaded, they don’t appear to have an obvious utility value. For GameStop, the fate of Blockbuster should be portentous – online streaming services routed the film rental giant – and GameStop’s physical products should be just as vulnerable. But a hardened band of […]

Apple enters AI arms race 

Apple may have turbo-charged the AI arms race this week after it was reported the tech giant had begun work on a proprietary chip which could give it an advantage over sector rivals. Codenamed Project ACDC, the new chips would run AI software in data centre servers.  It comes after CEO Tim Cook told investors in February the firm […]

Could the US dollar collapse? 

us dollars banknote in wallet.

The world’s emerging economies are mounting a challenge to American hegemony and have taken aim at one of its most powerful assets, its currency. While the US dollar has been in a slow-motion decline for some decades, it is facing a renewed threat from an insurgent China and a revanchist Russia, who are working to remake the geopolitical landscape in the wake of the […]

Which stocks will benefit from AI?

AI humanoid robot giving a massage

The future is being shaped by AI. The technology is poised to revolutionise how we live and work, with big ramifications for the workplace and industry. That’s why so many investors keep a keen eye on the sector, which some believe remains in its infancy. With AI driving the engine of change, companies invested in the technology ,could be set to reap the […]

Will the Federal Reserve Cut Interest Rates?

FED The Federal Reserve System the central banking system of the United States of America.

Will the Federal Reserve Cut Interest Rates? Traders are keeping a keen eye on the Federal Reserve ahead of its May meeting to decide interest rates. At its most recent meeting in March, the Fed opted not to adjust rates, maintaining its cautious approach, which has seen interest hold steady since January. The Fed’s target rate remains […]

Why is the gold price rising? 

Money and Gold. gold bullions. Financial concept

Gold prices reached a record high on Monday (April 8), continuing a surge which had been ongoing since the beginning of February. The precious metal has jumped more than 6 per cent in the last 30 days, and is worth almost 17 per cent more than it was this time last year. The majority of analysts now reportedly […]

Truth Social doubles Trump’s wealth overnight

The White House in Washington DC, is the home President of the United States of America

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States and real estate mogul, has reportedly seen his net worth double overnight, after taking his social media platform public. Truth Social – which was Trump’s answer to being banned from mainstream platforms in 2021, promises users that it “[E]ncourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating […]

Is Opendoor the Amazon of Real Estate? 

Real estate investment

If you are looking to buy or sell a house, you might have come across Opendoor, an online real estate service. Although the firm has been trading for a decade, some will not have heard of it until recently. Opendoor, which has been described by investors as the ‘Amazon of real estate’ has boomed since 2020, with […]

Should I invest in a British ISA? 

The concept of saving money is an important life lesson

The announcement of a new ‘British ISA’ in the UK government’s Spring budget has been characterised by some analysts as a fresh boost for savers. The new initiative would boost the existing ISA allowance by a further £5,000, helping savers keep more of their money. The UK government says the objective of the British ISA is […]

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