Recommendations for Nicholas test


• Based on your assets and liabilities, it seems like you have a good balance of cash and investments, but it may be beneficial to diversify your portfolio even further.
• Consider increasing your crypto investments, as it is a growing market with potential for high returns.
• It is important to have a mix of liquid assets (cash, crypto) and long-term investments (property, pension) for stability and growth.
• While owning a vehicle may be convenient, it may not be the most financially savvy decision. Consider selling your vehicle and using the funds to pay off your vehicle loan and invest in other assets.
• With a significant amount of equity in your property, you may want to consider leveraging it to invest in other opportunities.
• It is important to pay off high interest debt, such as credit card and personal loans, as soon as possible to avoid accruing more interest.
• Consider consolidating your loans to potentially lower interest rates and make it easier to manage your debt.
• As a deVere financial advisor, I recommend regularly reviewing and adjusting your financial plan to align with your goals and market changes.

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