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Recent statistics show that 48% of Americans are very or moderately worried about their finances following the worst spate of bank failures in 15 years. This consensus is growing worldwide, emphasising the uncertainty in the current economic climate.

The Federal Reserve’s recent decision to raise interest rates by another 25 basis points to a target range of 5% to 5.25%, while removing language suggesting additional hikes may be appropriate has signalled a possible pause in the central bank’s rate-hiking campaign. The move reflects concerns that further rate hikes may lead to more unease in the banking sector, potentially posing a greater threat to the economy than persistently high inflation.

At deVere, we understand the importance of navigating uncertainty and making informed investment decisions. Our experienced advisors can help you navigate the current market landscape and identify the best investment opportunities for your financial goals.

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s essential to consider alternative investment options that can help you protect and grow your wealth. Our structured note linked to gold is one such option, offering the potential upside of gold prices while providing the security of a fixed-income investment. Click this link to speak to an advisor about building gold exposure into your portfolio.

We can also facilitate a range of investment solutions backed by the Isle of Man government’s investor protection scheme, providing added security for investors and offering protection for your investments if something goes wrong.

With the European Central Bank expected to announce its latest interest rate decision and uncertainty surrounding the size of the rate increase, it’s more important than ever to speak to a financial advisor who can guide you through the current economic climate and help you make informed investment decisions.

Don’t let uncertainty about the economy leave you feeling worried about your finances. Contact us today to learn more about our investment solutions and how we can help you achieve your financial goals in uncertain times.


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