£100m invested into deVere’s dVAM in eight weeks

More than £100m to date has been invested by clients into dVAM, a suite of mutual funds launched by deVere Group two months ago, it has today been revealed.


One of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations, deVere introduced the investment solutions eight weeks ago, saying that they represent the “next chapter in the ongoing success story” of the Group.


Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere, comments: “More than £100m in just eight weeks shows how overwhelmingly well-received these investment solutions have been by clients.


“It also shows that we have met, and continue to meet, growing demand from clients across the world for these investment opportunities that are low-cost, highly regulated, outcome-focused, operationally efficient and transparent.”


He continues: “The offering from dVAM includes a range of active multi-asset funds and a global equity income fund.


“And due to considerable and increasing client-led demand, we will be leveraging deVere Group’s pricing power to considerably expand our suite of solutions throughout 2019 and beyond to further help our clients meet their financial goals.”


The launch of dVAM in late 2018 was an initial and fundamental part of deVere Group’s ongoing, ambitious horizontal and vertical growth strategy.


Of this, Nigel Green adds: “We continue to implement our strategic growth plans and will include further major acquisitions and the roll-out of new and subsidiary brands.  This will serve to further cement our dominant status within the international space.”


The deVere CEO concludes: “dVAM underscores deVere’s commitment to constantly developing and adapting to meet evolving client expectations, market trends and regulatory requirements across the world.


“£100m being invested into dVAM in eight weeks is a hugely impressive start – and as the suite of solutions expands, opportunities increase, and momentum picks up further still, dVAM can be expected to become one of the major players in its field within the next few years.”


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